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Hi, guys! I am a middle-aged nurse and have been in nursing for almost 30 yrs. (hospital, community, teaching) and am a certified Women's Health NP. I worked at a family planning clinic as an NP... Read More

  1. by   ohmeowzer RN
    Quote from RN1989
    Welcome back to the club of hospital nursing! If it were me, I'd look at it this way - "I am an NP. I have a ton of education and knowledge that they do not have. So who cares what they think. If the charge dares to yell at me in public again I will calmly ask her to go elsewhere to speak to me. If she does not I will simply walk away. I am a better person than they are because I treat all people as I wish to be treated. But I will not allow them to make me miserable."
    exactly.. you are a NP and you deserve respect ( we all do).. you have more knowledge and expirence than these nurses.. they should be happy to have you. congrats on being a cancer survior. awesome.. i think that is wonderful .. give yourself a hug for me. i agree with you RN 1989.. you are so right...
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Respect is a two way street. Give some, get some. If people are bullying or harassing you, take them aside in private, and discuss why you won't tolerate it.
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    A helpful resource I frequently point out for folks who are dealing with workplace bullying:
  4. by   nightmare
    "my dept. director has placed me on a committee to do annual mandatory urit education and has made me a student preceptor as she believes in my abilities. "

    Presumably this nurse is not on the committee and is jealous of a relative newcomer getting on.Typical bully trying to put you down to make herself better. I hate bullies!!!:angryfireI had reason to wipe the floor with one the other day,she hasn't looked me in the eye since.:angryfire