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I was wondering if anyone had a favorite OB myth that you've come across in work. I'll start with a few of my favorites: When I worked at a maternity home, the lead houseparent told the... Read More

  1. by   veteranRN
    I'm a redhead with 4 kids. Everytime I went to deliver the nurseswould say "watch for bleeding". Never had a problem! Just like mythbusters "I think this myth is busted"
  2. by   devi
    well, I'm actually a redhead too, which is why I was curious.

    I, too, had no problems whatsoever delivering my son (other than a pretty long labor).
  3. by   BRANDY LPN
    My aunt when pregnant refused to eat fish, because the doctor told her everything she consumed would go straight to the baby...........and she might accidently swallow a bone. LOL.

    Same aunt wouldn't let the bath water get over her umbilicus b/c the baby would drown.......... sorta like a periscope.

    Luckily she has gotten less ditsy with age.
  4. by   BRANDY LPN
    Oh and had to add had patient in today EDC-today, asked me why she wasnt having any pains yet. geesh.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    ahh yea the "ceremonial passing of the mucus plug"

    i have had women bring this nasty thing in, show me and declare "they must be in labor, as they have passed the mucus plug"

    someone in these dr offices PUUUHLEEZE educate these people what labor IS and what is is NOT ??????

  6. by   BabyRN2Be
    Quote from BRANDY LPN
    Same aunt wouldn't let the bath water get over her umbilicus b/c the baby would drown.......... sorta like a periscope.
    This is a good one.

    I know what you mean, Smilingblueyes. I hate it when my doula clients call me and say, "Hey, I'm about ready to go to the hospital. I passed my mucous plug! I kept it for you, wanna see it?" Oh, gee, thanks! A thousand times, "NO!" I believe you, I do NOT need to see it. And stay home! No, you aren't necessarily in labor. And if you aren't having contractions, no, I won't go to the hospital with you "just to check and see" if you're in labor. Call me after you're admitted. Or if you're at home, call me when you can't (not won't, these are two different things) talk through contractions. I know you're excited, but I need to sleep, too.

    Goodness, I think I've just listed most of my pet peeves as a doula. Note: Not all, but a lot of 'em.
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  7. by   nekhismom
    These are too funny.

    What about evil-eye?? Like, if somebody tries to "curse" you while pregnant, you baby will be born with evil-eye. ANd if you put an egg under the baby's crib, if the baby has evil-eye, it will fry?

    I dunno, I think it's strange, but people here swear it's true.
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    This is not a myth, or maybe it is but lesser-known.

    When I was a first-year nurse in 1997, I worked in a small rural hospital in Oklahoma. A really petite and young first-time mom (about 15 years old) came in, in labor. Her great-grandmother brought her up. Then, a whole slew of family showed up later on,all very excited about the birth of the newborn to-be.

    Well, while the mother-to-be was in the bathroom, the grandmother said to me "I KNOW this baby is smart, I just knows it". I said, "oh I am sure you do". She then asked me, "you want to know how I know it, girl?". So, I said, "sure I do, tell me". She then proceeded to tell me how she could hear the baby "crying from inside the womb". I stood there, obviously looking pretty stupid, probably mouth agape.

    I asked the obvious question; did she really hear the baby cry from the womb?

    She replied, "Why girl you is a nurse, dontcha know NOTHING a-tawl? EVERYONE who knows anything knows a baby heard cryin' from the womb is SMARTER than most". The grandmother then shook her head, walking away mumbling a bit about "know-nothin' medical types"........

    I did honestly tell her I learned something new that day. And I did. I have a fond memory of this grandmother and her family. They were good folks, really.
  9. by   madamewalker
    A fellow co-worker told me that she knew I was having a girl because my nose was wider at the bridge?

    The power of suggestion? Maybe, but it sure did look wider!
  10. by   madamewalker
    Oh, and to never have something negative to say about another child's appearance while you're pregnant, or your baby will "come out ugly"!

    I admit, I obeyed that one religiously!
  11. by   nekhismom
    I talked about everyone and everything while I was pregnant, and look at my cutie!
    <------- LOL. No, really, I didn't hold back because of that myth.
  12. by   Saved_by_Grace
    [font=lucida sans unicode]i don't know how many times i've heard you carry girls up high close to your heart, boys down low so they can smell you f*&t..gross i know but my grandma says that

    [font=lucida sans unicode]also i've heard if the baby is really fussy the first couple of months it's cause it has a "hankering" (remember i live in hicksville usa) for whatever food you craved while pregnant. with my first child, i ate cantaloupe constantly. so when my daughter wouldn't stop crying my grandma took a piece of cantaloupe and touched it to the baby's tongue to let her taste it...lo, she did quit crying for a few minutes anyway....i let my grandma think she cured th crying..what did it hurt?
  13. by   IMTechnology
    This is the most interesting thread! So funny. It makes you want to "make up some" We could create a new category of urban legends!