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I'm putting together a birth plan to give my OB in a couple of weeks. I had one for my first, but I never had a chance to give it to my OB when I PROMed @ 36 weeks. So I'm wondering, would I be... Read More

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    I had a birth plan with my first child- my doctor read it over- but it was pretty much out the window because I had preeclampsia and had to have a section. I had in my plan that I did not want a certain nurse in post partum taking care of me. What I did not put on it was why- she was the wife of my ex boyfriend who I think cheated on me (with her of course). The doctor was like- I am not putting that on your chart. I understand now- why he wouldn't want to do that. But- of course she ended up being my nurse and came to assess me when I was in there a week before with protein in my urine. I am not sure why she did not refuse to take me as a patient since we had a torrid history. After she assessed me she ask if I was uncomfortable and did I want a different nurse- I was very nice and said yes I was uncomfortable - so I was traded to someone else. When I ended up having dd she came in and asked if she could look at her and I said sure. Sorry to go a little off topic- but it all seems peculiar to me now that I am a nurse. There was a little questionaire that asked about my preferences re: breastfeeding, pacifiers etc. But at that time it did not seem like our hospital was very on board with the birth plan.
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    Shay and Fergus:

    "As far as refusing certain things, like e-mycin for the eyes, that is usually discussed with the pediatrician and a waiver must be signed, since the end result could mean blindness. "

    In my own defense... u gals and guys could teach me alot.... but....

    All these things are under policy and prodecure... some of the policies are out dated based on previous statistics completed many years ago...

    A child going blind without the e-mysin is only a small percental of the actual population...

    When the doctors give the immunizations for babies and children... it is only on a probability..... how many children get the shots and come down with the actual sickness later in life... How many arn't given the shots and have 100% good health all there life.

    If they are going to the time and trouble of putting e-mycin in the eyes.... why not give a bottle of thrush med also... DIDN'T both the Canada and US gov. already state that "breast is best"?????? Yet... lets do a statistic on how many woman and girls stop breast feeding because thrush hurt them to much...

    So long as a woman has a vaginal birth then the possibility is there that the baby will have thrush....

    Albait... I would love to have all my own questions answered... but where would I go to find those answers..
    I think the Thrush is more related to the antibiotics given for Group B Strep than anything else... it just makes sense. Section moms also get antibiotics so that is probably another link. I don't think it's really a vaginal delivery issue, but an antibiotics issue.

    I do agree that it is a major barrier to breastfeeding- so painful!
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