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I know they say hormones can make pregnant women moody. Do you ever have women who flip out and they have attributed it to being pregnant? I mean raging lunatic flipping out. I heard from someone... Read More

  1. by   tvccrn
    Quote from traumaRUs
    I do agree that hormones can change your behavior. However, it is not an excuse to act out. You are still responsible for your own actions.
    My thoughts exactly. If there is acting out as described by the poster who had the patient screaming for hours, it's no wonder she was in the hospital. I would hope she had some kind of mental health consult as well.

  2. by   Jo Dirt
    Quote from traumaRUs
    I do agree that hormones can change your behavior. However, it is not an excuse to act out. You are still responsible for your own actions.

    You mean like bipolar and schizophrenic people are responsible for theirs?
    Seems like there is a lot of schizophrenic people in my family, my uncle had it bad. The saddest thing was there were times when he would act like his old self. My grandma would say, why can't you act the way you're acting now all the time. He said, you don't realize how hard I try to, Mama.
    Well, I'm very angry over everything and I'm trying not to be. I'm just mad. And I'm sullen. On top of that we have to have my 82 yr. old father-in-law next door who I do not like in the least (no one likes him). He is a nasty spiteful person, he's snotty and nasty to my kids (always been that way) and my husband won't even think of sending him to assisted living because of the money. I don't want his money. So this all stresses me out and I feel very rageful. So I try to hide the keys from my husband so I can leave and when he discovers it and I just tell him I'm leaving he smacks me around and screams at me all night and says I'm going to drive him to do something to himself, I know he is stressed out over everything too he just can't get the dollar signs out of his eyes. I bought a bottle of lotion and he raged over it for three hours..So we are all surrounded by negativity that we can't handle and I feel like we both need to be loaded on the paddy wagon.
    I know...too much information. But with this being an anonymous forum it's not like I'm broadcasting identifying info.. and it doesn't seem like it but it really is part of the bigger picture.

    I had to miss my appointment with the OB doctor yesterday because they needed me to work. I'd been looking forward to having that ultrasound for a long time. But I have another appointment scheduled for this coming Tuesday and if work thinks I would consider postponing that they can kiss my foot.

    But that will soon come to and end. Apparently, the "insurance" I had would only cover about 10% of the visits to see the OB doc and now I owe about $500. Now, I don't even have that insurance. I really want this ultrasound so I will pay for that and make payments on the rest but after that I will be on my own (Medicaid not wanting to take me as a patient). I know healthcare is a privledge not a right so I plan on going to rent a motel room when the time has come and doing the best I can by myself.

    If I'm not in the state hospital by then.
  3. by   33-weeker
    MM - You can always drop in the ER - so many moms do. They won't turn you away. Better yet... are there any midwives in your area? They might attend you for little or no charge, and you'd likely have a better birth to boot.

    Honey, whatever you do, you need to get out of that abusive relationship. You don't want to raise you kids in that environment. You don't deserve to be treated like that.

    I have a bipolar son. My heart goes out to you.