Didn't bond well. (venting, long)

  1. I normally get very close to my patients and receive lots of feedback about the care I give, but friday night was an exception, and all the events led to a healthy baby boy, but it was hell getting there!
    First off, this patient was seeing a midwife and wanted NO interventions for delivery, she was 41 weeks and went to the office for an US for AFI and such and had to see the physician because the midwife wasn't workign that day, fine.....BUT THE PHYSICIAN, felt she HAD to examine the patient and "ACCIDENTLY" break her water! So of course the patient comes to the hosp, NOT in labor, etc... I AM ALL FOR NON-interventions...I LOVE helping patients through the joy/pain of childbirth, but this pt was ignorant, and unrealistic and unreasonable, this was her 2nd child, after 3tabs mind you, anyway to make a long-story short, this pt had some SERIOUS hang-ups about her first delivery being SO PAINFUL, and her sister-in-law whom she discussed the ENTIRE evening also had a HORRIBLE experience, because, GET THIS: was attempting a VBAC homebirth and needless to say ended up at the hospital with a section, and a sick baby that's in the NICU, did she ever mention that these wonderful nurses and doctors saved her babies LIFE???? NO, she just *****ed about how they took the baby away etc......So it was just one thing after another with this lady, and when she finally started having painful regular ctx's, I'm thinking GREAT she's getting into labor! She's not dealing well, she's been at it 20 hours, and not tolerating it now, gets an epidural and the whole time is bawling about how awful it is and how sorry she is to her husband and that they don't have to tell anyone she got the epidural.....she was in the jacuzzi at one point and i begged to turn up the pitocin, had to talk her into it, she was not hurting and having 5 minute ctx's, i said, im sorry but you need to be hurting to have this baby, you're way too happy, she said i was hoping to have a less painful childbirth, i do not like pain, i do not like these ctx's, then when she did start hurting before the epidural she wanted the pitocin turned off, she said "if they didn't hurt so much i could do this" she delivered at 0637, she was upset because the baby was crying too much, and his eyes weren't open, he was perfect, screaming and pink, etc, and wanted to know as the head was delivered if she was still going to have a vaginal birth?????

    Anyway, thanks for listening to me vent, i had had it with this girl when i left that morning, my official diagnosis was TSTL!:roll
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  3. by   prmenrs
    Yes, and just our luck, she reproduced.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    they reproduce like rabbits. too bad. you are right, TSTL.
  5. by   ERNurse752
    We can buy everything else in a store...why not brain cells and common sense?
  6. by   rdhdnrs
    As some wise soul said on this board, "The world is full of idiots, and they're all fertile"!!!
  7. by   anitame
    AAHHH, haa hhaa I like that rdhdnrs. Not only that, but somehow I end up taking care of most of them!!!!
    You're never gonna believe this but I was doing pp the other night and ALL THREE of my couples were married!! And all three babies were actually planned!! Probably the first time THAT has happened. lol sad but true
  8. by   BadBird
    Just goes to show that some Gene pools need filters.
  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    ...and lots and lots of chlorine.
  10. by   at your cervix
    I just hate this mentality that if something goes wrong it was because modern medicine intervened and caused problems!!!! Like all c sections are just because we like to do them!!! Like you said, they never mention the fact that we saved the baby's life, they just complain about what was done!!!!
    You didn't mention if this pt had a written birth plan or not, but it reminds me of a story. We had a primip come in with a written birth plan-you know, the standard I am in charge of my birth and you are not allowed to do anything because anything you do will just cause harm to my baby,type birth plan. Well, she had been in the hospital for about 30 min, had been contracting for total of 60 min (obviously left home at the first contraction). Was contracting about every 5-10 min, very mild. Cvx was 2/50/-2. MD came in to check her. As soon as he walked through the door she started begging him for and epidural. His response was priceless "Well, we would be happy to do that for you, but you made me sign your birth plan, and you signed your birth plan and it specficially says no medications so I'm sorry, we legally can't give you one!" I loved it. Of course we told her that he was just kidding and that she could have one but that she needed to prove herself first, needed to be in a better labor pattern and change her cervix a little. She was totally po'd because we wouldn't give it to her right now!!!! It just made me wonder what she thought childbirth would feel like when she wrote her birth plan!!!!
  11. by   NurseShell
    I USED to be a fan of birth plans...notice...USED TO BE!! After my first baby (24+ hrs labor, decels, emer. section) I wanted my 2nd deliver to be "perfect" - wanted a VBAC. Well, I got my VBAC (YAY!!) but "perfect" not a chance!! Once can NEVER comprehend the pain of labor until one is fully immersed in the experience!! So, even though I knew I was gonna hurt I still has all these delusions of grandure about how MY birth experience would go...HAHAHAHAHA! Wrote out the birth plan, etc My wonderful OB read it and put it on my chart (now I understand his smirk). Mother nature is in charge in L&D not us...we are just along for the ride. And it's an E Ticket ride at that!!

    My VBAC baby is 9 now and his younger VBAC #2 brother is 5...there was not a "birth plan" with the 5 yo...I learned my lesson...just went with the flow so to speak!

    Hopefully, God willing, I will bring my "lessons" with me when I'm the RN and not come unglued on a patient who hasn't even "been to school" yet
  12. by   OBNurseShelley
    This patient did not have a written birth plan, which I was surprised by, she was just a control freak, I think she has some issues and is probably very controlling when it comes to everything, and when she realized she was not going to be control the way her baby was born she lost it, this person was not mentally prepared for childbirth, even tho it was her second.....in the end she got a beutiful healthy baby boy, but that will never be part of her memories, it will always be how horrible of experience it was.....very sad, if you ask me....
  13. by   sunnygirl272
    Originally posted by OBNurseShelley
    ......in the end she got a beutiful healthy baby boy, but that will never be part of her memories, it will always be how horrible of experience it was.....very sad, if you ask me....
    ahhh...look on the bright side....perhaps she will recall it as sooooo terrible that she won't do it again?
    Originally posted by sunnygirl272
    ahhh...look on the bright side....perhaps she will recall it as sooooo terrible that she won't do it again?
    If only it worked this way.