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I am new to ob from cardiology. There, it was mostly paper charting, with the med charting on computer (mak) and of course, pyxis to withdraw meds/witness wastes, etc. all assessments, admission... Read More

  1. by   htrn
    You guys are scaring me - our hospital is going to meditech in 2007. We currently do mostly paper charting with a few things done in FAMIS - the dinasour of computer charting. Would love to have a decent program for labor charting - especially when there is a naughty baby involved. I'm ready to amputate my hand after charting 8 hours of decels
  2. by   Mimi2RN
    Quote from MemphisOBRNC
    We use QS but the Dr.s still write on the hard copy. Until about a week ago, we used QS for mother and baby, from admission to discharge. Some of the Pediatricians complained that the printed copy was difficult to follow and I must admit, the flow is no now we do only the admission information in the computer and hand chart everything else on the baby.
    We use QS on mom during labor and mom and baby in pp. Our hospitalists peds, and some of the local peds are now using QS, too. We still have some handwritten orders, but Normal Newborns are on a protocol and that's a preprinted order set.

    The QS PE was modified with the assistance of one of our hospitalists, and is very easy for them to use. We are going to QS charting for our NICU next year, too. Right now we have Elmer for orders, labs etc. and still use paper charting for everything else.
  3. by   mollyaqua
    We use Watchchild for strip interpretation and Meditech for everything else. The only paper charting we do is for the signed consents.

    Meditech is not, let me rephrase that, NOT, user friendly. We call it a "hostile program"and the installation phase was painful beyond description. I think the current programming has me documenting a pain assessment Q4 hours in FOUR different screens and God help us if the patient has pain in more than one place.
  4. by   RNHawaii34
    We got rid of paper charting 9 months ago, now we are using EPIC. honestly, it made our job way easier and faster. It was hard at first though, because not all people at work are computer savvy.
  5. by   ragingmomster
    We use QS also, but I am hearing from our travelers that we have an older version and the updated versions are much better.

    We are changing to a new system in January to coincide with physician electronic order entry (whatever the acronym for that is).

    Of course we have the nurses that have been here forever and don't want to try anything new, but our #1" superuser" is the nurse that hsa been with us the longest.

    Since the talk of a new system has gotten out, of course there are the doomsayers that are knocking it, but we shall see.

    I'm not betting on anything changing in January though.

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