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last night there was, at the beginning of my night shift, only one patient in big deal. looked like a little uterine irritability and occasional "real" contraction...she had just arrived... Read More

  1. by   Flo1216
    Guess what? I talked to my mom last night and I cannot believe what she told me. Well, remember how I said that the male nurse(he was actually a midwife) who held the baby off of the cord has not been named in the lawsuit? They are calling him John Doe. Well, I guess he had an attack of conscience because he has confessed to everything. He admitted that my mom said she had a hx of quick labor and that he never wrote it in chart, until afterward. The hospital had also denied that my mom called ahead and that she just "showed up" He admitted that that was a lie also and that in fact my mom called the labor room and then came in and signed in through the ER and the ER also called the labor room. They were trying to say that my mom in the middle of the night walked into the hospital and just went up to the labor room and no one noticed and that they knew nothing about her and that this mysterious woman walked in and before anyone could do anything had a complete cord prolapse. Well, he admitted they lied and they knew everything. He admitted that they never called the doctor even though they told her they were going to. I guess since he doesn't have to worry about being sued, he can come clean. My mother could not in good conscience sue him because he saved the baby's life. I wonder though, if he were named in the lawsuit if he would have come forth with this information.
  2. by   mother/babyRN
    She should still sue him because he was as negligent as everyone else involved and did participate in a coverup. A JAUNITOR could have held the baby off the cord. Don't let your mom let this nurse get away with it...He merely prevented what might have correctly been termed a negligent homicide. And he did it physically only, not morally....He was worried about his own self...He is as negligent as everyone else involved....The difference is he elected to give in to his guilt and actually has a conxcience.....
  3. by   Flo1216
    I agree with you, actually. The thing is...we just recently found all of this stuff out and it had already been decided that he would not be named in the lawsuit. And we didn't know that he never charted my mom's hx of quick labor. We also didn't know that he was involved in the coverup. I think that the only reason he came forth was because he was not being named in the suit. If it were his license on th eline, I have a feeling he would have kept his mouth shut.
  4. by   mother/babyRN
    There is no possible way to amend the suit? Perhaps he truly did have to wrestle with his conscience. You will most likely never know why he came forward.
    In OB, there are so many frivolous ( though I hesitate to refer to them like that since for the parents, no problem is frivolous..), that is, suits that should not ever be brought because things do happen. Everyone wants and expects a perfect child with no difficulties expected in labor. Things DO happen. Bad things occur and often without negligence on the part of either the doctor or the nurse. In THIS case, it seems from what you have said , that everything went wrong, from the ER to the OR and just about everywhere in between...Is it not possible to amend your lawsuit to include this nurse? Either that or bring him in as a material witness on your family's behalf. If he has come forward he has most likely or soon will lose his position at the facility...Good luck in either case. No amount of monetary award will ever be worth the full life your brother could have had if things had gone differently, but in this case, I do hope you are able to win the highest amount possible. Thankyou for sharing this heart wrenching personal story. Your family is lucky to have you for a daughter, sister, nurse and advocate....Your brother is your angel, and you, his.......Please keep us posted...
  5. by   Bronco
    It gives me shivers to read some of these stories. I too had a rough delivery, but with a midwife and MD. I was a student at the time, and spineless I might add, or I would have fired them on the spot. I was 42 weeks, PIH, Macrosomia, and hyperemesis. SROM, tinged with mec, they had no worries. Labor went on for ~18 hours, I had finally dilated to 10 but baby was still at -3. Poor FHR variability for several hours now, and starting decels into the 60's. CNM and MD denied anything was wrong, just kept telling me to push. After 4 hours (honest to God) he comes out, thick mec. Phone won't work, so someone has to run to the nursery for the peds team. Apgars of 4,4,5 and a happy 10 pounds 2 ounces. Acidotic at 6.8, tachypnic, He started seizing about 18 hours post-partum. He was transferrred to the large medical center after the seizures began. I know we were being watched over during that time. I can't explain how my son came out of it alright any other way!
  6. by   hollybear
    my delivery god abandoned me last night, we had a walkin pt that came in at 1 am the night before no records no labs nothing she was ruptured supposedly 39.6. they pitted her all night and all day i got her at 7pm and pitted her some more up to 30 mu. baby developed a lot of sweelling that concerned me, called doc he checked her said it was caput and to continue. this debate went on a few times through the night, had 3 other nurses check her they seemed to think something was night right, pt got stuck at 8 cm/90/0 called c/s. baby delivered at 8 am, apgars 0/2/6. baby on vent, very pale white,eyes have glazed over look. at birth they did compressions for 15 minutes.
    through outthe whole labor baby never looked to bad, got a little flat after getting demerol at 5 am thats it. pt got spinal that did not work ended up getting a general.

    know i got a bad baby and can not shake the feeling of what i should have done to change the out come. oh, i also found out after that mom had history of drug abuse supposedly in the distant past and the baby was small DW at 30 weeks. well i guess its going to take a while to get over this one
  7. by   finallyRN
    sorry to hear of your bad experience and bad baby. It sounds like you did everything you could. Just make sure you charted what you told the doctor about your concerns and his response.

    Was there anything wrong with the head? Did it have lots of swelling?
  8. by   CMTMom
    flo - can you at least get that nurse to testify on your mom's behalf, that way you have an even more damning case against the rest of the incompetent jerks, AND you don't have to prosecute that nurse, but he still has to publically admit to his incompetence? I think that may be the best of all worlds - he doesn't get sued himself, which spares your mom's conscience, but he still has to admit it in open court.
  9. by   debralynn
    On one hand, I guess you could say I had a labor God with me too! After they bagged my son(is 19 now) for 5 minutes, apgars of 5 and 8, I guess you could say that my Labor God saved my son from dying! On the other hand, he is mentally retarded! I would love to have an instant replay of that morning of what the doctors said and what the nurses said(I eventually had a c-section, I was knocked out completely!) I use to wonder, what did that doctor say when he pulled a 10 lb. 14 1/2 oz, 23 1/2 inches long boy out who wasnt breathing? But thats in the pass for the most part. I choose to believe that Satan tried to take my son from me that morning, and God brought him back for me! I cant imagine where I would be without him today. He has defined my life in every area of it. (Would have been interesting also to have heard what the nurses said about that doctor that morning also)!!!!
  10. by   mark_LD_RN
    hope the baby gets better, i know how you feel.
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  11. by   Flo1216
    I think that the nurse is going to testify. He said that none of the midwives or any of the nurses for that matter knew what they were doing. It looks looks real good. The trial starts Sept.9th, I think. By the way, the women's center where my mother received all of her prenatal care is closing. They can't aford the malpractice insurance anymore. I say if you don't want to pay high malpractice premiums, then don't commit malpractice. It is not easy to sue a hospital or a doctor and most cases get thrown out.Plus, hospitals rarely settle out of court. So if large amounts of money are being awarded ,its for a good reason.
  12. by   hollybear
    finally rn yes the head was very swollen, what doc said was caput was hematoma. i charted everything and wrote a little synopsis to keep in my records. the baby is still hanging in there I hope it gets better.
  13. by   mother/babyRN
    I am so sorry for all that happened, but you couldn't have done anything more than you did. Because you are a caring and compassionate nurse and person, this will be on your mind. I am curious as to why this pt had som much intervention to get her deliveryed if she was only 30 weeks. And, was she given an ultrasound or was there a fern test or any other intervention to determine the actual gestational age. You did wheat you could do and we all understnad what you are going throigh. Thinking and second guessing makes you a good person and a good nurse. A lesson for the next similar experience. We recently had someone pushing for quite awhile before it was determined pt had a face presentation. No one is perfect. You have to learn to forgive yourself for that human fraility...Take care....