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Today I ran to the Verizon store really quickly to grab a phone...didn't take time to shower and had greasy hair pulled into a ponytail. As I was dickering with the store employee, a couple came up... Read More

  1. by   Ms.Hobbes
    That is wonderful! I think as nurses we don't hear enough all the positives and thankyou's which have resulted from our care
  2. by   illeniccup
    Many of the reasons I want to go into nursing are because of the GREAT L & D nurses I've had at the births of my children. And yes, I remember ALL of their names, AND which shifts they were on! (I've been through it four times...) Two in particular (with baby #2) were so fantastic I just had to write to their supervisor AND to them. They were truly examples of what nursing is all about. I hope that when MY time comes to be on the "nursing end" of L&D, I will be able to have an impact like these ladies did. Keep up the good work you all do; your patients DO appreciate it!
  3. by   KaylaRN2005
    My friend had just turned 17 when she had her baby, and it was a long labor, shift changed about 8 hours after she was admitted. She said the first nurses were being rude to her because she was so young, but after shift change, she had a wonderful nurse who kept telling her "you're doing better than most grown women, don't pay any attention to anyone who tells you otherwise!". She still remembers that nurse's name