16,000 deliveries a year? Really?

  1. So i was watching an older episode of Babies: special delivery the other day. IT was focusing on some hospital in Texas. I don't know what city. It said they did 16,000 deliveries a year!

    16,000 / 52 = 308 deliveries a week (approx)

    308 / 7 = 44 deliveries a day

    That's astounding. I can't imagine the staffing necessary for that, or how many beds that unit must have, or how many doctors! wow! sounds absolutely huge!
    I thought we were busy with 300 deliveries a month!
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  3. by   k_cole21
    Dallas - It's Parkland & it's CRAZY!!!! There is one in Atlanta that does aboue 15K and Northwestern in Chicago does 10K.
  4. by   HappyNurse2005
    It was Parkland! Now I remember!!

    wow. I can't imagine.
  5. by   mugwump
    I thought we were bad with an average of 700+ a month. The past couple years we have had over 8000 deliveries in a year
  6. by   StudyingNursing
    And I thought Inova Fairfax was busy with close to 12,000 a year! I hope they are well staffed at Parkland.
  7. by   Finallyat40
    and it's crazy....all the time! I work in the NICU there and right now we have more than 90 babies in our unit....we usually are in the 50-60 range.

    If you divide that 16,000 out, that's 43.8 babies per day. we also have a very large percentage of multiples born there....just this week, our unit (so this doesn't count the ones that went to newborn) has admitted a set of trips and two sets of twins....that's since Monday morning!

  8. by   OBSFlightRN
    Wow, that must be nuts. I wonder how many nurses they have on each shift?
  9. by   prmenrs
    I'm trying to imagine being the charge nurse for such a setting!! The ideal candidate would be a former air traffic controller.
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Or, military drill sergeant. No thanks.
  11. by   crosfam
    I just recently accepted a job at Norhtside in Atl. They had 18,000 deliveries last year. It is very organized. They are divided into pods, and you wouldn't know that they are that busy.
  12. by   NurseLatteDNP
    In school they showed us a video of Parkland, where all these women were lined up on the OB floor, on stretchers, waiting to have a baby. I guess they had an overflow on that day. I wonder if they have a large birthing rooms, just for busy days like that.
  13. by   k_cole21
    I know a nurse that traveled to Northside in ATL. She loved it. She did say it was very organized and you'd never know they did that many deliveries. Sounds like some of these hi vol L&Ds need to take a look at their model.
  14. by   babyktchr
    The charge nurse at Parkland wears a walkie talkie and is informed of admissions and issues via that. The unit is divided into hallways according to risk level. They have (or did) a fabulous low risk unit/wing that was totally run by midwives. They also developed the 6 baby bassinette for group travels thru the unit. It was hysterical to see. I cannot imagine having 40-50 babies a day. I think it is busy when we have 5 in 12 hours.... I forget how many nurses they said they have on in a shift. Mind boggling.

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