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OB/GYN Nurses have any of your patients pretended to be married for fertility help...


Watching a PBS special about women of 1969. They mentioned something called Ring by Spring”., where unmarried women would borrow a wedding ring before going to their OB/GYN to request birth control. I bet men didn't have to produce a wedding band to purchase condoms. Thank insert your higher power” for progress!

My personal exp...I married really young (18yrs old) and didn't have a ring the first year. I had trouble getting pregnant. Everytime I tried to address this with my (female OB/GYN), she would be very dismissive. Finally, I asserted myself by setting up a fertility consultation. She strongly discouraged me from pregnancy plans. She had me to the Basal Body Thermometer journaling before she took it to the next level. After my initial internal exam and blood work came back normal, she requested for my husband to get a sperm analysis. Lord and behold he had a huge issue/hang up with having to work his "magic" into a cup. I decided to put the baby plans on hold after that. He and I are divorced now (married for 10yrs). Ended up having my first child at age 34. And in my case, Doctor was right!

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Sour Lemon

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We are no longer living in 1969. My own fertility doctor had two children with a surrogate and egg donor before eventually getting married. The only barrier to fertility treatment these days is cash.

klone, MSN, RN

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Most OB/Gyn nurses don't work in fertility clinics. I've never heard of a person feeling like they need to pretend to be married in order to receive fertility treatments. On the contrary, single women and gay couples probably seek fertility tx almost as often as the typical "married couple"

The only time I've ever tried to encourage NOT getting pregnant is with a woman who's A1C was 13, and a 15yo girl who lived in foster care and had a verbally abusive boyfriend.

Otherwise, a woman's fertility choices are hers alone, and my job is to educate her on her options, not proselytize or push my beliefs upon her.


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Welcome to 2017. Must be been hard having spent the last 30 years under a rock. Times have change .Now get in kitchen and make a soup sandwich woman . Lol