OB & Pediatrics


I am taking OB and pediatrics this summer and I was wondering if there were any good study books to purchase. I just got done taking Med-Surg2 and I bought the Saunders NCLEX book & the Med Surg Review and Rationales and they seemed to be great books to study from for that class. Are there any recommendations on what study books to get for OB and pediatrics?

Thank ya'll : )

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I used Maternal Success for the OB part and the NCLEX RN made incredibly easy Questions and Answers had a full pediatric section that covered TONS and that helped for that part and that book can be used for other classes too.

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I'm using my Saunders to study alongside my regular books. I use Saunders to study for the tests I take in class. It really helps. I just can't study my big book and Saunders condenses it all. :)

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I just used my Saunders along with the OB book that was required for my class and I did just fine in the class :)