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Hi! I was wondering if anybody out there has interviewed for Oakland University's ABSN program for the FAll of 2011 cohort. I think it will be 3 to 4 weeks before we find out if we will get accepted or not. I wish everyone good luck and hopefully receive good news!

Hey MelBell! I interviewed a week ago yesterday. I think that you are correct in saying that it will probably be a month til we hear anything. How do you think your interview went? I thought mine went better than last time (July), but you can never be sure.

Hi! I think mine went better this time too! I was almost not going to do it, but I figured I didn't have anything to lose by interviewing. I kind of knew last time didn't go well at all. I think I was too nervous last time and not too confident with my answers. It was a little different this time at least with the questions. I wish you luck too! It seemed like a lot of interviews as well again and I believe only taking 50 people again, so we will see what hapens!

Yeah, I think it is only 50 people this time too. I'm glad you felt more comfortable with your interview too. It is so nerve wracking! ;) Let me know when you hear something. I hope they don't keep us in suspense too long. I am trying not to stress or even think about it too much. Last time, I drove myself crazy.

I agree it was nerve wracking! It just seems like they interviewed so many people just for 50 spots. I just wonder how they really pick the people who get in. Last time the interviewers told me they had a point system. I heard from people that the interview kind of makes or breaks you. Are you going to try anywhere else if you don't get into OU?

I'm not sure if I will continue to try. I've already applied to so many schools over the last 2 years and I don't think I can afford to continue the student loans. I will apply at EMU again. I got put on the alternate list there last year, but a spot never opened up. I may apply one more time to OU. I will wait and see. I was completely rejected at UofM and UofD, so I won't apply to either of those schools again. How about you? I am also trying to get on the waiting list at Schoolcraft (of course theirs is not an accelerated program).

I was thinking the waitlist too at Schoolcraft college. I also was on the alternate for EMU Accelerated program a year or so ago, it was for the fall of 2009 start and I didn't get in. I also got waitlisted at U of M too that same year and of course nothing hapened. I looked into other community colleges like OCC and I would have to take more classes and I am just not sure I want to put more money into pre-requisites. I think OU is my last time at pursuing a degree in nursing. I am currently at Baker college pursuing a Master's degree in Occupational therapy. I will probably just continue on with that.

I looked into the Ultrasound Tech program at Baker College, but the waitlist is so long and I would have to spend so much money waiting for the major classes to start. Plus the job prospects are not good here in MI. Ugh. It is so frustrating. I hope both of us hear some good news in just a few short weeks. :) Make you you update me on when you hear from OU. I am trying not to worry and relentlessly check my mail. I just started a temporary job, so I am hoping that will help me pass the time over the next few weeks. How do you like the program there at Baker? What are the job prospects? Do you like the structure of the program? How long is the program?

Hi! This is my first semester at Baker and it seems to be going ok. I am finding it hard as far as finding time for my school work. I also work part time and I have a 4 month old baby girl and a daughter turning 5 on tuesday so they keep me busy. I am sure once I get organized I will be able to balance everything. I researched the field of occupational therapy and looked at the future job prospects and there are jobs out there and should continue to grow. It will take about 3.5 years to complete unfortunately, but I would end up with another Bachelor's degree in pre-occupational therapy and then a Master's degree in Occupational Therapy. Their Master's program is only 6 months, its just taking all of the bachelor level occupational therapy classes is what takes a while. Baker took most of my classes from the other colleges that I attended, so that was good.

I hope we do here good news from OU! I am trying not to think about it or get my hopes up. I am trying to work and just concentrate on other things. When you interviewed did you have 2 people like last time or just one person? I only had 1 person this time and I think that was better.

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Wow I can completely understand where you guys are coming from. I got kind of screwed at OCC so then I looked into Oakland, Wayne, and UDM. Of course OCC messed up one course on my transcript and wouldn't correct it so Oakland wanted me to re-take a basic bio class and then apply for nursing, Wayne I found out right away they had a long wait and UDM I looked into but found out they had a long wait as well. I wanted to give up but my husband knew how long I had been pursuing nursing (since before we had our two sons) so he encouraged me to try my last school and even though it didn't have great odds and I had more pre-req's I actually got accepted on my first application at Madonna University and start in January and its only two years basic program and I'll have my BSN... I'm just replying on here because I almost gave up and I'm so ecstatic that I didn't! I also looked into Occupational Therapy program at wayne state and btw they are in high demand, my motehr works in medical and her friend is a pt and she said ot is very up and coming and she wished she had done that....but anyhow if nursing is really what you guys want please don't give up because I am still in disbelief and you will to, you just have to find the right place and it will work out

Thanks for the words of encouragement, iluvpatho. I hope we get some good news this time (I know I already said that, but just thought I'd say it again ;) ).

MelBell, I only had one interviewer this time too. Last time, I had two. I liked it better this time since I didn't feel quite as nervous. Fifteen minutes is not long at all, but my interview only lasted about 10 minutes. How about you? I noticed that people before me only had 10 minute interviews too. I hope I made a good impression. :)

Do you guys know whether OU looks at Undergraduate GPAs as a factor for acceptance into the 2nd Degree program... in other words is there a required or preferred minimum GPA from your first Bachelors degree?

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