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NYU Traditional Transfers Fall 2010


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Hi everyone,

I noticed that there are many people, receiving their acceptence letters, who have applied as accelerated transfer students to NYU's College of Nursing. However, I have not seen any posts for traditional transfer applicants. If you are a traditional transfer applicant please post here. I would like to know if you have already received your acceptence letters. I sent in my application right before the April 1st deadline and was advised that they are still sorting out most of the applications. Is anyone else in the same position as me?

hi jason,

i too applied to the traditional pathway for fall 2010 and like you right before the april 1st deadline. i also sent in my prereq sheet to see if maybe i had a chance to get into the accelerated program as well since it didn't give me an option to select both so in the application i put down traditional. don't know how that is going to work...lol. i hope it doesn’t slow down my application somehow.

well unfortunately i haven’t heard anything yet either the last email i received from them was april 7th. it’s always in the back of my mind and i am constantly checking the mail. hopefully, we’ll hear something soon.

i’ve read other threads too and i can’t find anyone else who is in our situation.


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Hey there!

Thanks for participating in the thread. I attended an open house and we were told that if you are someone who is applying as a traditional transfer student, but qualify as an accelerated student, your application will automatically be bumped up to the accelerated program.

I've also read on their forum that they will be sending out decision letters to traditional nursing students after they send out the letters to the accelerated nursing students hence the reason we have not received any information regarding our decision yet.

All we can do is keep our fingers crossed for now :-)

I had issues where NYU told me on May 5th that they hadnt received any of my transcripts. They just let me know that my application is complete now,...so I'm guessing that they just misplaced my transcripts, but that they sent out a letter to me 5 days ago. I haven't received it yet...even though I live relatively close to the city, but I guess decisions are on their way....did anyone else receive one yet that is a traditional transfer student?

Did you guys get in..what happened? I just did same thing following year having just applied as transfer student/traditional route for the accelerated BSN so I can catch up on pre-reqs at NYU first.

Hey, I know this is a very late response, but I, too, am applying as a traditional transfer. I submitted my application February 2, 2012. The only thing I need is another recommendation, and then I am set. I am taking a few pre-reqs at BMCC and my gpa there is a 3.3. I also graduated from a ultrasound program last in 2011 but my GPA there was a 2.7 :-( Terrible, I know. What do you think my chances are, esp. since I applied so early???? I will keep everyone posted on my progress. Any other responses are welcome! Good luck to everyone!

And no, I do not had a Bachelor's degree...