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  1. vega03

    Gateway LPN Fast Track

    ___________________________________ hey pinklady, i was going to text you this but i spoke with someone from our block but morning, and she said that if you take your nclex and pass, you can go back to campus and take the hesi exit pn again right after. she also said they may be opening another advanced placement in march, maybe others on this board, know more about this. so if that's true and you get to retake it, maybe you can bridge over for the new march one, you know if that's true.
  2. vega03

    Gateway LPN Fast Track

    i am going into block 3 (got bridged over, yay!). i have orientation thursday for the rn program. c
  3. vega03

    Gateway LPN Fast Track

    Thanks everyone for answering my questions, I really appreciate it. I am really anxious and nervous to start the program but am excited at the same time. Everyone here is so helpful.
  4. vega03

    Gateway LPN Fast Track

    Hey Lucky 14, I just received my letter in the mail stating I too was accepted to the day program for spring 2011. Are you going to the mandatory orientation on January 5th?
  5. vega03

    Gateway LPN Fast Track

    i just received my letter in the mail stating i was accepted to the day cohort for spring 2011. i actually didn't have to wait at all. i applied in october and was notified in november that i didn't get in but i checked my po box yesterday and there sat a letter from gateway stating i got in for the day program, which was my second choice. anyone else out there starting the day program at gcc? i have some questions about the schedule. it looks like tues, is 12-430pm and thursday and friday are from 8-4pm. then i see clinicals starting in february on wed, thur, and friday but no times. i’m just concerned about the times since i need to work to make a living somehow in between this program.
  6. vega03

    NYU Traditional Transfers Fall 2010

    hi jason, i too applied to the traditional pathway for fall 2010 and like you right before the april 1st deadline. i also sent in my prereq sheet to see if maybe i had a chance to get into the accelerated program as well since it didn't give me an option to select both so in the application i put down traditional. don't know how that is going to work...lol. i hope it doesn’t slow down my application somehow. well unfortunately i haven’t heard anything yet either the last email i received from them was april 7th. it’s always in the back of my mind and i am constantly checking the mail. hopefully, we’ll hear something soon. i’ve read other threads too and i can’t find anyone else who is in our situation.

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