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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has been accepted yet to the nursing program at NVCC for this coming up fall semester. I always hear a bunch of different things concerning the program. I was told that they are not going to let anyone know whether or not they are accepted until after the due date for the application. Supposedly they are going to change the admissions process to make it more competitive. This is what I was told when I handed in my checklist. Does anyone know anything more about the changes they are going to be making?


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I just found out on 2/28/07 that I was accepted into the program at NOVA. I think I turned in my portfolio 2 weeks prior!!! I too did not think I would hear back until april or may. So it was a pleasant surprise to receive my acceptance letter in the mail. I think that you should turn your portfolio in ASAP. I wonder how many spaces are left and how may students they are accepting. They have change the program a little adding a weekend and online program. Let me know if you have any more questions- I am more than happy to give you advice on what I know.


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Congratulations! I just found out last week that I was also accepted!


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Congrats to both of you! I will be applying for Fall 2007 as well . . . but not until the last minute, because I'm still doing my pre-reqs this semester. I don't have much hope of getting in for the fall, but I do have a TINY bit of hope since the program clearly isn't full yet. They seem to be pretty closed mouthed about how many they're accepting and how many spaces they have.



Im a currently student in NVCC class of 2009

I thanked god for getting accepted

because I know they are gonna change the program to be more competive to get in

so good luck to you guys!!

How u guys doing so far?


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I did get in for 2007 - I'm doing great so far. Just took the midterm and felt pretty good about it. What do you think so far?

I'm also glad I got in before they changed the entrance process. I could possibly still have gotten in before it went competitive, but I did have some bad grades from a long time ago which bring my GPA down!


Yeah ..

Im doing great so far too

I did pretty good in the midterm

How you doing in labs and clinicals?


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Well, lab and clinicals are pass/fail, so that's easier, isn't it? It seems pretty hard to flunk out of clinicals. I do hate the skills testings, the pressure is intense! But I'm passing so far.

I didn't do as well on my midterm as the first two tests, so that stunk . . . and most everyone else did way better! But I'm still hanging in there. Hoping to do better on the next test to keep my GPA up!

LOL I guess no one else from our class hangs out here - I love this website.



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Hi fellow NVCCers! :loveya:

I just applied to the nursing program for FALL 08 and I read on here somewhere that there is a math test at the nursing orientation. Did you have a math test at orientation? Sounds weird to me, considering I had math on the HESI exam and I took the Math placement and placed for MTH 151. Geez, how many tests does Nova have? :o

By the way, maybe the competitiveness hasn't been so good for Nova. Most of the students in my pre-reqs are trying to go to Mason, and the MEC looks kind of empty right now. Plus, some lady in Student Services said that they still have room for more students for Fall 2008. She said this like they're almost desperate to bring in more nursing applicants.

Don't get me wrong competitiveness can be a good thing, but it seems like Nova may lose some future nursing students to other schools. Oh well. Maybe I'll get accepted for Fall 2008. Wish me luck, I could use it!


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What do you mean, the MEC campus seems empty right now? You mean over the summer? Well, classes are optional over the summer. Most of us are taking a Nursing Management class online. But our class (09) is the largest that NVCC has ever had. I don't know if being competitive is going to hurt or help either way. NVCC has a good reputation among the hospitals, and you won't have any trouble getting hired. They also have an excellent pass rate for the NCLEX. So I wouldn't worry, NVCC is a great choice . . . you can't beat it for the money and IMO the education is top notch.

About the math test, yes, I think there was one. I believe it was to determine whether you had to take an additional math test. They take math very seriously, which isn't a bad thing . . . but once you learn dosage calculation it really isn't difficult.

Best of luck!


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Yep, what Krenee said,lol The MEC is always quiet during the summer months. I dont really think it going competitive is going to hurt attendance. The prereqs have not changed, so the only diff is that people with the higher marks will be accepted first. And we all did a math portion on the Hesi exam (was TEAS before) Ensure you do the math study package prior to orientation. And one will do a Drug dosage exam each semester and you get two chances to pass, otherwise your out! 1 fellow had a high 90 average, but failed the drug dosage exam, was out of that semester. So if he wants to start again, has to wait til jan 2009!! Study study study!!


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LOL flames I have some free time now and got that MED-Math book...I should definitely start looking over that now...Even though I haven't gotten my acceptance letter yet !!!! *hides*

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