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good morning.........for weeks now I have been reading these boards, this is such a wonderful site. I am so glad to have found all of you. This is my first time posting. I have been thinking about nursing school for the past couple of years. I decided to take all of my pre-reqs this fall and spring, with hopes of entering a state university Sept 2004. I know there is alot of competition, I hope with good grades, and some previous college credits with volunteering @ a cancer hospital might get me noticed. We'll see. My question is does anyone have some information about occupational therapists. Someone suggested this to me but had no info. I would like to have a backup plan in case I don't get into nursing school. Job descriptions, web sites, salary ranges, B.S. vs. Masters etc. etc. Thank you.

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Try this:



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Welcome to allnurses, MEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best wishes in your future decisons!

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melgrek......We welcome you to place for all nurses to come and feel like one big family. :balloons:

We love on each other, sometimes we act like normal siblings and squabble (only means we love each other according to the reason I learned about "Why siblings squabble in the first place." :D) We get to vent our frustrations in a respectfully nice manner, and can really feel the warm fuzzies coming at us when we hurt, or experience a loss that we share here. I love this site, and am so glad I found it a couple years back.


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Thank you for your replies.....I appreciate it. I'm so glad I found this site.

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