Pros & Cons: Working as a U.K. Staff Nurse in the Hospital and Nursing Home

  1. Hi guys!

    I just need some insight on the advantages and disadvantages of working as a staff nurse in the UK in a hospital and home care setting.

    I'm trying to decide on which job
    offer to take.

    Thank you! ☺️
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  3. by   GrumpyRN
    You do not say where you are from, if you are from USA then nursing homes in UK are different. They tend to be (depending on type) full of elderly people who are not sick. They just need help and care. Sick residents are sent to hospital although some do manage to be allowed to die in peace in their own beds in the nursing home. Nursing homes tend to be private and they have their own pay scales. Pay and conditions are usually less than NHS. A few years ago I looked into moving into management in a nursing home - I turned it down as I would have lost too much money and at that time I was a staff nurse.

    Hospital nursing comes under NHS (again unless you choose private) NHS conditions and pay scales can be found on the RCN website and are much better than private.

    If it was me, I would not hesitate to move into an NHS hospital but then I am biased.
  4. by   pandabear_19
    I am from the Philippines. ☺️

    thank you for that info..
  5. by   XB9S
    Quote from pandabear_19
    I am from the Philippines. ☺️

    thank you for that info..
    If you've got an offer for the NHS the I would advise you take that, adapting to nursing in the UK is generally far easier in a hospital environment due to the variety and differing standards you find in nursing homes.

    It'll give you more career options and give you far more in terms of transferable skills
  6. by   pandabear_19
    Thank you. ☺️

    Most of my friends who are already working in UK are actually convincing me to work in the hosp. And yes, it is an NHS offer.. Home care's offer though is quite tempting at £11.5 per hour (minimum)
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from pandabear_19
    Thank you. ☺️

    Home care's offer though is quite tempting at £11.5 per hour (minimum) ������
    That really isn't a lot when looking at living costs in the UK. I too would agree NHS is a better option plus you will have a better support system than working in home care
  8. by   pandabear_19
    Will be taking all of your advices guys..

    Thank you so much!
  9. by   GrumpyRN
    £11.50 is bottom of the Band 5 grade for newly qualified nurses. In NHS you would expect to move up an increment every year (Davis Cameron not withstanding). In nursing home you will earn that for the rest of your career. Conditions are better in NHS and as XB9S said, you should find it easier in the NHS hospital to settle.

    For salary scales go to Pay rates 2014-15 - NHS Agenda for Change - RCN
    Working week is 37.5 hours although actual hours worked may vary week to week it should average 150 hours over 4 weeks.
  10. by   GrumpyRN
    Quote from GrumpyRN
    £11.50 is bottom of the Band 5 grade for newly qualified nurses. In NHS you would expect to move up an increment every year (Davis Cameron not withstanding).
    Sorry, should have been DAVID Cameron.
  11. by   pandabear_19
    I was actually under the impression that the salary for nurses working in home cares also increase on a yearly basis. It was a really helpful info. I'll be checking on the link.

    Thank you.
  12. by   Winnbonface
    A few things to consider:

    1) Nursing homes in the UK are very different to nursing homes in the Philippines. It is more like working in a hospital setting only less stressful and much more personable (see links below)

    2) NHS pay band 5 nurses roughly £11 an hour, whereas nursing homes pay between £14-£16 an hour and as pandabear mentioned will also increase on a yearly basis (this could be a the discretion of the manager).

    3) A nursing home is a good stepping stone if you want to eventually move to a hospital setting. In other words, it is a good place to start. NHS is better if your primary motivation is career progression.

    Have a read of these two articles. They highlight the benefits of working in private homes. An increasing number of nurses are starting to see the advantages of working in nursing homes.

    A nurse reveals why she would rather work in a care home, than for the NHS
  13. by   Izzyloveslife
    Ahhh oh my gosh this has made me feel ten times better! Thank you!! I have literally bookmarked this page already! Ever since I was a little girl I've always wanted to be a nurse (actually I'm lying - technically I wanted to be a princess for a few years) but I've just heard so much negativity about working the in the health sector lately that it actually put me off a bit - so it's really great to come across this! My faith and my goals are renewed! I've actually recently just completed my first nursing course so I'm ready to start applying for jobs! In fact I've actually got an interview next week so I'm really happy I read this as I'm feeling much more positive about everything now! I'm normally pretty terrible at interviews at the best of times because I panic and just start mumbling and blurting out really stupid things, so this is actually going to be a massive comfort, so thank you for writing this! As a general question, does anyone know if nursing interviews are generally quite stressful and difficult? Can I expect to be thoroughly grilled (I just want to make sure that I'm prepared!) Any tips or helpful stories would also be massively appreciated haha. Also (sorry I know I'm waffling) but on the likely off chance that this interview doesn't go well - does anyone know any sites or companies that I could look through to find some jobs? My nurse friend sent me this link to a company called HCL, has anyone used them? Are they good to go through? I mean I do completely trust my friend and all - but it's still good to get a second opinion! It would definitely be a massive help to get some suggestions or recommendations of good nursing job sites/recruiters. Thanks so much everyone! I really appreciate the help.
  14. by   GrumpyRN
    Sorry to burst your bubble.... You say you have completed your FIRST nursing course? What is it? What actual qualification do you hold? Is it applicable to UK? Can you work in the UK?

    Find out these things before you start worrying about interviews.

    Good luck but these pages are full of nurses trying to get the correct paperwork/permissions to come to the UK. It is a long drawn out expensive process.

    Again good luck.