More nurses leaving register than joning...

  1. New figures that we’ve published today show an increase in the number of nurses and midwives leaving our register while at the same time, numbers joining have slowed down. This has resulted in an overall reduction in the numbers of nurses and midwives registered to work in the UK.
    Recently public attention has focused on the reducing number of EU nurses and midwives joining our register. But today’s figures show that it is mainly UK nurses and midwives who are leaving the register, resulting in the overall downward trend.
    Source: New figures show an increase in numbers of nurses and midwives leaving the professions

    Saw this in the newsletter that the NMC sends me. Interesting. Too bad- that's not a tenable position in which to be.

    The article says that from a survey, the top reasons for leaving included (besides retirement): working conditions (such as staffing levels), change in personal circumstances (like an illness), and/or disillusionment with the quality of care given to patients.

    Any UK nurses currently working in the UK care to comment? Although I have a NMC license I have never used it.
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  3. by   XB9S
    From my own experience lots of nurses I work with are retiring, I work in a hospital in a small community and many have worked here their whole career. There aren't the numbers of students ready to replace them. With brexit there are far less coming from EU countries. The wards are short and its hard to constantly work short handed.

    We are lucky in that once we recruit people don't want to leave our hospital but the bigger hospitals really struggle to recruit and retain.
  4. by   skylark
    Probably a lot to do with hospital closures. my last two A&Es were closed down, and i got fed up with it and went overseas.
    So many people lost their jobs and were scrabbling around looking for work, its undignified when you spend your entire working life in the NHS and get 'dumped' like that.

    Its also difficult to find another job in the NHS as they are mostly advertised with overseas agencies. Check out NHS jobs and you might find a handful of jobs in your city, but go to the Manila-based Greenfields recruitment agency and they are looking for hundreds of nurses for each UK contract.
    I'm English and so can't apply with them as I speak English and don't have an IELTS certificate!

    The Manila site lists 200 jobs at my local hospital . . . . .
    Work Abroad 2 - STAFF NURSES jobs in United Kingdom

    And the UK site lists less than 50, for the same hospital!
    London North West Healthcare jobs feed: Vacancies in Nursing and midwifery
  5. by   spacemonkey15
    It's ok, they'll replace them with cheaper nursing associates.

    I say this with a generous serving of sarcasm.
  6. by   SouthpawRN
    Wow, the pay in the UK is really low considering the cost of living and goods there. exchange rate is .75 pounds to a dollar so conversion is only 25% more to the dollar