ever think you are jinxed

  1. Every so often i have a run of shifts when pt go off on me, or die but only one which was a periarrest. this has happened from the first shifts on my own as a newly qual to now. My ward thinks im jinxed but cope well with these situation(due go loads of experience)

    did a late yesterday poorly pt got transfered out and today another poorly, and a non complaint pt delevoped another issue.
    i particluary dislike when medic dont know what wrong that is fun. or even better when to my eyes the pt is dieing(just something about them) please can we use the pathway and a medic disagrees and contiues active treatment and the pt still dies hours so sad and feel like im not caring for them.
    dont get me wrong if a pt is on the Liverpool pathway, familly know and have been present, or pt has amde wishes known, and they die as long as they have been comfortable not in pain distress im sad at the death but normally feel its better in a way, and contiunning in distress.
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  3. by   celticqueen
    yeah, i seem to have what i call "my black cloud" that tends to follow me around: If a patient on the ward unexpectedly deteriorates or a patient has a psychotic episode, yep it's usually on my shift!!!!!! and it's not just at work either, just the other day someone fitted at the bus stop - having taken an overdose an hour before, but luckily the paramedics arrived just as my bus pulled up so i didn't miss it
  4. by   RGN1
    Had one of those days today!:-)
  5. by   myviefolle07
    I work at a SNF (nursing home) but it feels more like an acute med-surg floor! Our little facility is for profit & the administrators don't like us if we send patients out to ER (coz they are gonna lose the money + it looks bad on the nursing home). There is a certain limit (number) of patients that we can send out to ER! So, long story short, end week of may.. We are already over the limit.. I m a floater.. AKA don't know wats the norm for these people... Sent a woman out cause she looked lethargic (history of stroke)... And the very next day,. Sent out another one coz she had BAD seizing episodes (no history of seizures). Both got admitted at ER! While I was sending the 2nd one out, assistant-DON walks up to me & stated- "It's you, isn't it? You are jinxed".. And then she laughed.. With the family of the seizing patient (crying) still in room! *me embarassed*