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Nursing Students COVID-19

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It's not known yet if that will need to happen, but I think it would be a last resort if it does.

So far, many nurses in Canada have been expressing interest in offering their help in the Covid-19 crisis.

The Public Health Agency of Canada posted an online application for RNs interested in Covid-19 response. They closed the job posting yesterday, and reported that they received a high number of applicants.

The RNAO sends Covid-19 emails every few days, and on March 17th they said in their email that over 3000 RNs and NPs responded to their survey expressing interest in helping in the Covid-19 crisis.

The RPNAO also sent out a survey for RPNs who may be interested in offering their help, and so have have received 1600 responses from RPNs.

In Ontario, nurses in the retired and non-practicing class can express interest in having their licence reinstated temporarily for this crisis, and I read somewhere that there were quite a few of them interested in doing that.

I don't know how the response is in other provinces, I'm only speaking for Ontario.

But so far, it looks like there won't be a need for nursing students to be employed in hospitals for this crisis as there are many nurses interested in working for the crisis. 

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