Will I fail clinical for an unexcused absence?

  1. Yesterday, I was told that the schedule changed and I haven't thoroughly looked at the schedule myself but I did see that I had two evening clinical days. Needless to say, I mistook that I had day clinical today and not evening so I missed today's clinical. I called my instructor and she said I will have to make it up sometime towards the end of the semester during exam time.

    What I am really worried about is that she will find this as a reason to fail me for not being reliable and committed to schedule.

    What do you guys think of my dilemma? Should I be worried about possibly failing clinical for not showing up? I didn't even a good excuse so thats pretty bad.

    I feel so upset over this. I am pretty sure my nursing career is over. This is my first clinical course too, maternity nursing. I haven't even reached the area I am interested in working in too- geriatrics.
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  3. by   eatmysoxRN
    If she said you could make it up I'm sure you can. In the future just be sure to read your schedule thouroughly.
  4. by   Stephalump
    If you talked to her and she said you can make it up later and didn't say anything about failing you, I wouldn't worry about it. Do your professors frequently kick people out for stuff like that? Sounds like you need a hot bath or a glass of wine. It sucks and you definitely screwed up but the world is not ending, I promise! Just make sure you're proactive about making the time up. It's your responsibility to make sure it happens because its your head on the chopping block, not your teacher's!
  5. by   JZ_RN
    If that's the policy, then sure you can fail for an unexcused absence. If you can make it up, do so.
  6. by   Nolli
    While you can get in a lot of trouble for an unexcused absence it sounds like you addressed it promptly and they will let you make it up. I'd follow up with them about the make up when it gets close to finals.

    Nursing students are people and people make mistakes. Learn from it and don't repeat it by taking preventative actions for the future. I don't think they will kick you out of school for a one off, especially when they said you could make it up. Don't stress about what you should've done because you can't change the past. Take a relaxing shower or bath, eat some comfort food, and focus on tomorrow, it's a new day.