therapeutic communication

  1. hi every one!
    in your idea, what is difference between therapeutic communication between "nursing student and patient" and "nurse and patient"?
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  3. by   TriciaJ
    First, tell us why you're asking and then tell us what your thoughts are, so far. We can help you from there. Otherwise, we wonder if you're trying to get us to do your homework for you.
  4. by   ANNA starling
    i think to this subject for sometime, and i think that the most difference between theses two subjects is that the student needs the presence of the educator for performing a communication especially when the patient doesn`t cooperate with the student. however, the student and the nurse therapeutic communication isn`t very different from each other.
    however, i think that perhaps, there is some differences between theses 2 subjects which i ignore. i has searched this subject through internet for a long time. however, as i studied many articles regarding therapeutic communication, most articles just said: nursing students , as the future nurses should perform therapeutic communication.
    so, i asked this question the members here, to have a wider idea about the difference between "nursing student and patient" and "nurse and patient"?
    thank you
  5. by   Cat365
    Therapeutic communication doesn't change depending on who the participants are. The rules don't change magically once you are licensed.

    The only difference might be in how the other person regards you. If you are a student vs a licensed professional you might be regarded as having less knowledge/power.
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    Quote from Here.I.Stand
    Agree, therapeutic communication is very much a learned skill.
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