Taking Blood Pressures

  1. I am having trouble finding the brachial artery when taking a blood pressure. Any tips? When I do find it, I find it difficult to hear with the stethoscope. Maybe i'm not sure what I'm looking to hear. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   boxingthestarsx
    Hey, I'm having issues finding the BP with the brachial artery, too. If and when I find some tips I'll post them up for ya. :spin:
  4. by   onduty23
    just put in on the area of the inner arm about a size of a quarter in. most people dont palpate. school teach you to palpate so you learn that an artery is there.
  5. by   treborhon
    You can paltate the brachial artery in the antecubital fossa in line with your little finger.Hope it helps...
  6. by   CT Pixie
    During CNA school and EMT school they had us palpate the artery, but once "on my own" I never really palpated unless I couldn't get the BP, then I'd palpate and retry.

    Now that I think about it I don't ever remember anyone palpating the Brachial when doing a BP. Unless it was during clinicals or the State Exams
  7. by   Silastingy
    I always feel for the bone and move in one inch and find it every time - hold your left arm out, palm side up, feel for the bone by your elbow joint and move over one inch ( I practiced at first but have found that this bone joint works every time) Also if you press too hard it will block the pulse, use two fingers and press lightly
    Hope this helps
  8. by   shock-me-sane
    I don't know if this is the case for you, but I always make sure that I don't have my steth turned to the bell...because I have had that happen and couldn't for the life of me figure out why I couldn't hear anything.