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  1. Hey everyone! I am doing a presentation on Stds in pregnancy. We have to have a creative way to present. Any ideas? I hate creative stuff! haha
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    The cutest thing I saw was presentation by a PHN. She opened up a condom and slipped it over her foot and stated "Now if he tells you it is too tight tell him baloney." "Make him wear it."
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    Is the presentation to another group of nursing students or to patients?
  6. by   GalRN
    I already posted this in another area, but, passing out bananas and having classmates put condoms on them (many ppl don't know how to do it correctly) is a fun way to end the presentation. Bananas are cheap and sometimes you can get free condoms from the student health services. If not I think they sell them in packs of like 48 for cheaper. I actually did this w/ a group of seniors for a community intervention and they loved it! I wish I had it on videotape!
    To address the comment about putting the condom on your foot to prove it would fit... My friend was dating someone (real jerk, btw) who kept saying that he was "too big for a condom". I took a regular sized one (not a Magnum) and rolled it all the way up to my elbow. Then said "OMG, your bigger than this?"
    For work/study I taught a required class (incoming freshman) on birth control and STD prevention. I told the women that if a guy said that condoms didn't fit him the proper response is "why, are you too small?" I've had to say it myself to men, and it never fails to work
    Edited to answer question re: STD's in pregnancy. I always found that handouts worked well so ppl could follow along w/o taking notes. You could list the STD's and then what complications they caused, both during pregnancy and in childbirth... maybe put the life threatening complications in bold. Make sure they also tell what kind of treatment or complication prophylaxis is safe during pregnancy too, and at what stage it would be implemented.
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    i did a presentation like this last year and the banan idea works great. we had to present to our class as though we were presenting it to teenagers. another thing we did that worked great was we passed out 2 numbered index cards to everyone at the very begginning of the presentation and told them to randomly write the name of to classmates on the card. at the end of the presentation we pulled a number out of a hat and had the person with that number stand up and say " i am HIV positive and had unprotected sex with (name of two people on card). those people had to stand up and read the names off there card and so on. 3/4 of the class had come in contact with "HIV"
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    Last term a group of students did a presentation and had red glitter in lotion, blue glitter in lotion, yellow glitter in lotion...etc. Before they started, the group went to each row, gave a squirt them told them to shake the hands of the person next to them. Then they started their presentation with statistics. "congratulations...if you have blue glitter, you have syphilis..." and so on and so forth with each other color... It was a great presentation!