Single moms in school

  1. Are there any single moms here that can give me a bit of advice? Ok, I'm not really single, but my husband works out of town during the week, so for five days a week I'm on my own with three kids. I'll be starting school this summer part time, and hopefully full time in the fall. Two of them are in school full time, one is still at home but will be in daycare while I'm at school, and I'm hoping to add a few extra hours each week where I can stay at school and study without distraction before I pick him up. Any tips on organizing my time would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   momto2lilgirls
    Although I am not a single mom, I am a stay-at-home-mom in nursing school with a 2 year old and a 3 year old. My husband works during the day and is usually occupied at night working on another home-business. I always found the SQ3R (although old-school) very helpful before I delved into the reading. (S - Survey) Glance over the pages in the chapter and get the looking at the pictures, callout boxes, tables, etc.. out of the way first so it doesn't distract you when you are actually reading for information retention/learning. (Q - Questions) Flip to the back and read the chapter questions before you start reading so you get a better idea of what concepts the author wants you to learn -- if you do this, you will recognize the answer to the question as you come across it in the reading) Then Read, Recite, and Review......

    I wish I had a better suggestion. I always wait until about 11 pm at night before I start studying because I can't get anything constructive done during the day with my kids at home. I usually study from about 11 at night until 3 or 4 in the morning.

    Good luck!
  4. by   elprup
    Congrats on your decision to go into nursing! I was a single mom of two, fighting for sole custody during the time I was getting my Bachelor's in Nursing (and I was my own attorney - my ex had an attorney!). Anyway, what I am trying to say is that you can do whatever you put your mind to. I did win full custody of my children and I did graduate with my BSN last May. It was the hardest thing I ever did, but I am so proud that I did it! and I basically did it all on my own too.

    Study wherever you can....I'd have my book, or notes and study in line at the post office/bank etc. Also, get some NCLEX books now and look over them. That really helped me when it came time to take the NCLEX. Once you learn how to take multiple choice questions it helps immensely!!

    Best of luck,
  5. by   sunsetbeach14
    Congratulations on going to Nursing School!!!

    I too am not a single Mom, but my husband works two jobs so I can go to school full-time.... I have three kids at home and one in college also....I find that going to the Library after classes and getting the homework out of the way before going home -- saves me alot of time and I can understand it alot better than with all the distractions you get at home.....I save the reading til 8:30 when the kids are in bed.... I also plan alot of crock-pot meals that I can prepare the night before and just plug-in in the morning, that way dinner is done when you get home! Good Luck -- you can do it!
  6. by   Busia
    Yes, I already have planned to add in some study time outside of the house, I think that will really help! I have a couple days where my littlest's preschool starts about an hour and a half earlier than my first class, so I have built in library time!
  7. by   LolaBunnie
    hey i'm not a parent but my friend who is also in nursing school is, and her hubby works full time... she looked into the boys and girls club in her area and found out for $160 a year they will keep both her kids during the days in the summer until 6pm and after school during the school year until 6 pm (heck, that breaks down to $14 a month)... keeps the older kids busy while you go to class or study

    good luck
  8. by   Gettin it 2gthr
    While you may feel like a single parent, you do still have the luxury of your spouse on the weekend so you can use that to your advantage. As an actual single parent 24/7/365 I have found that when my schedule gets hectic, it is best to get organized to make my life a little easier. I achieve this by ironing all of ours clothes for the week on Sunday. As an African-American my girls can't just get up and brush their hair and go so I also do their hair on Sunday for the entire week and tie it up every nite. Some Sundays, I will cook dinner for Sunday thru Tuesday and on Wednesday I cook for Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is the eat out day, no matter what. Also, because I have my grandmother to help, she is good at preparing meals for us so that I can focus when I get home. I keep my house as clutter free as possible, because I can not function in a mess. Now, while I am at school, I may prepare my index cards for easy study access. Now that 2 of my children are at the age that they can understand what it is I am doing, 11 and 8, I can utilize them to help me study. For instance, while taking car trips they can read a definition and I can give the word. Or whatever I am studying, I get them involved. Not only does it help me to learn, but they may pick up on some things too. Although an exact schedule can get monotonous, it is best to have a Monday thru Friday routine so that everyone knows what to expect. You will have plenty of time for play and fun after you get that degree, certification, and you can make the best of your weekends and vacations. Be blessed and good luck.
  9. by   scrapworking
    I'm a single parent to one teen boy still at home. My issue isn't so much daycare, finding time to study, or caring for my son's needs - it's financial. I was recently laid off and can collect unemployment, but once that's gone it's all back on my shoulders (we don't get child support - state is supposed to be helping with that but it's been 4+ years, I'm not counting on it). I know I'm going to have to work and go to nursing school (finishing my pre-reqs over the next year) - and that it won't be easy. But my Mom did it - twice (LPN and again RN).

    All that to say, as elprup did - if you want it bad enough, you'll find a way to do it. My tip: study any time/any where - always have some notes, flash cards, textbook with you so that you have no downtime!

    Good luck!
  10. by   FLmomof5
    I was a single mom of 5 when I started my pre-reqs. Now I am married (last Sept) but like your hubby, my hubby still works 2 states away and is home on weekends and only 3 of those at most per month. (He is SCANG AGR - for you civilians, that is Army National Guard and the AGR means he is active duty all the time, not a weekend warrior! )

    I work full time and am in the middle of my first term in NS. I attend the nights/weekend program. I am lucky because my youngest is 16! I don't have daycare issues and I can pretty much tell her to leave me alone when I need to study or do school work.

    Because I work FT, M-Th I get up, go to work, go to school, go to bed...repeat. Friday I work but have no school. (But have to go the hospital to get my assigned patient info and stay up creating a care plan.) Saturday is clinicals.

    Here would be my advice;
    1.) Explain to those old enough to comprehend that you need to be free to do your school work and that they will be expected to pick up the slack.
    2.) If you can afford it, hire a housekeeper 1X /wk. Let hubby do yard work.
    3.) CARVE out time and schedule this as your study time. I also do studying @ lunch time during the week. My boss knows I am in NS.
    4.) Go to campus early or stay late for an extra hour of study time here and there.
    5.) If you have family in the area, see if you can get someone to volunteer to help every so often.

    It can be tough, but it can be done. I just tell everyone that I am keeping my eye on the goal. I have foregone all social engagements until I am finished and things will get tough later....hubby leaves for Afghanistan in Jan so I will be w/o him for a year.

    Good luck!