Nursing school in the summer?

  1. I got excepted into nursing school and start in September. I am going to have to work while in school but am hoping to scale back to 32 hours a week. Do you typically go during summer too? I am trying to figure out how and what I can tell my current job.

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  3. by   becca001
    You need a copy of your syllabus and a day planner. Sit down and plan out your ENTIRE day, leaving blocks of time for study, etc. A lot of students I know are working too many hours while in school and find they don't have enough time to study. Talk with your supervisor about all this and elicit his/her support for your schooling. I am in an accelerated ADN and will attend through the summer. There are a lot of sacrifices but it will be worth it in the end. Good luck and congrats!
  4. by   Daytonite
    Ask the nursing school.
  5. by   missy--kay
    First of all, congrats!!!

    I am in an ADN program, and have the LPN option this summer. I know each school is different, but I do not have to take the LPN option, and I could have the summer off.
    I will then start the RN portion in the fall.

    Good luck!!
  6. by   caliotter3
    My school had a summer program where a certain number of students who were willing to pay extra big bucks could do their final semester in the summer in an accelerated format. Those who did so were in a hurry to enter the job market and it worked well for them.
  7. by   Sarah Hay
    Congratulations! My program started in the fall with Fundamentals and Pharmacology. Then the next semester (the one I am in currently) we took Medical-Surgical Nursing I. We do have summer courses. In a week, we start our IV class so when we enter Med-Surg II, we will be responsible for starting IVs and doing IV meds, etc. Also, this summer we are taking Maternity Nursing I. Then, next fall we take Medical-Surgical Nursing II and Nursing Skills Lab. The next semester (Spring '10) we take Mental Health Nursing and Maternity Nursing II. Then, finally, our last semester is in the Summer of '10 and it consists of the Nursing Practicum. So, three summer classes required for the ADN program. Hope this helps. I know all schools are different but just to be safe, visit the nursing director at your school or consult the Degrees/Programs somewhere on the website.
  8. by   FE710
    [quote=Sarah Hay;3603371] "when we enter Med-Surg II, we will be responsible for starting IVs and doing IV meds, etc."

    This just blows my mind! We do not get to start IV's at all in my ADN program. I am going to the fire dept, where I have friends that are going to be my guinea pigs to practice starting IV's. We were told by the school, that when we get a job in the hospital they would send us around with the IV team to get practice. What if someone wanted to work in a Dr office? This is just crazy!!!! I'm glad you get to do it in your training though, as it should be.
  9. by   missy--kay
    We learned IV this semester ( our 2nd) and were able to push IV meds, start IVs and blood draws this semester in clinicals. Crazy how different each program is!
  10. by   Sarah Hay
    Yep. The IV class is only 6 days from 8am to 3pm. Then, we have a clinical with two students and the instructor and we go all over the hospital initiating IVs. And yep, in Med-Surg II, we will be responsible for initiating and disconnecting IVs as well as IV med pushes. [=
  11. by   shrimpchips
    Every school is different.
    I'm enrolled in a BSN program and generally summer classes are for the accelerated BSN students but they also have nursing classes that basic BSN students can take. I'm taking pharm 6/22-7/25, so I'll have a break before to unwind and relax after a hectic semester and then I will have a break after class to unwind and then prep for fall.
  12. by   Meriwhen
    My program had summer classes, and most other programs that I've heard of have summer sessions as well. But the school is really the best source for your answer.