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  1. Hello everyone,
    I have a paper due in a couple of days in apa format it is nothing serious mostly two pages long. However my concern is how do I find nursing journal articles related to the topic. Our topics are taken from the joint commision nursing safety goals and mine is
    [FONT=ArialMT][FONT=ArialMT]Use proven guidelines to prevent infection of the blood from central lines.

    The search library server ie. EbscoHost is down and we cant log on to it or the schools site. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can search for an article it has to be from a nursing journal.
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    does the school have a physical library you can go to?
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  5. by   DawnJ This will give you more scholary journal articles than a standard Google search. Some sites that come up require membership or for you to pay for an article. But if you keep plugging away, you will find enough available articles to use. You can also search the CDC website, they often have papers posted on different topics.

    The school library account is your best bet, but the above works too. If you are close to another University, usually you can use their library for free but you can't check anything out.
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    Go to the actual, like, library, and ask the live librarian for help in identifying more resources. The CINAHL, Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature, is great and just what you need. It's been bought by EBSCO, but they might have an actual hard copy and the librarian will show you how to use an index if you don't know already.

    Note, part of learning to be a life-long learner (which you will definitely have to be if you're a nurse) is learning how to access and use different sources. You won't always have your school's access to one indexing service.