New Nursing Student and PDA

  1. Hi All!

    I'm new here at the site so I hope I'm where I need to be in the postings.

    I am starting an RN program in January and I was wondering if anyone would recommend buying a PDA? I have seen some of the male nursing students with them and the other students have told me that you can store the medical dictionary, calculations, and all the pharmacology stuff in there and have it all the time with easy access.

    I know they are expensive but its almost Christmas and and my parents asked me if that was what I wanted.

    So about PDA's.

    Are they convenient?
    Will it save me time?
    What kind of information/software would be best?

    Any information would greatly be appreciated!

    thank you so much!
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  3. by   SoontobeAdrienneRN
    Hello Karen,

    I am a nursing student and I have an expensive PDA/Cell phone that is very useful. Obviously depending on the one you get dictates how much you can store in it but it can be useful when you have a free second to study (i.e. waiting for the bus, laundrymat, in between classes etc.) to whip it out and get a few minutes in. Its a lot easier than lugging around notebooks, and books when you don't have to. And also, the repetition in typing it into the PDA is a study method I have used numerous times. Lastly, its useful on the nursing floor (when you get to that point) to have that extra kick when you need it! So yes, it is a very good investment, besides its almost Christmas and you deserve it, your a nursing student!!

    Long response for a short question but hopefully it helps you!!
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  4. by   NaomieRN
    I am a first year nursing student, I find using my pda helpful in clinicals. Can I live without the pda? Yes, but why would I choose to do that when I can look at drugs and nursing diagnosis in one split second. There were times when my patients drugs changed and I had to look at the drugs before giving them. I also use my pda when I go to church, I have my bible in there. The pda is worth every penny.
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  5. by   marilynmom
    I'm just finishing up my first semester and have already completed my clinicals.

    I didn't have a PDA, but I think it would have been useful at times and I plan to get one ofr next semester to have on hand. If your like me, you will be looking up drugs a lot of clinical. Even if it wasn't my patient, any drug I was unfamiliar with my nurse was passing out I liked to look up.

    Having a med dictionary onhand would have been nice at times too because a medical dictionary is nothing you want to be lugging around at clinicals.

    So if someone is willing to buy you one I think that would be great!
  6. by   adnstudent2007
    Hi Karen,
    I have a Tungsten E2 (one of the lesser expensive models-about $199) and I love it. It is much easier having the diagnoses, prescriptions, labs, & dictionary in one spot than looking through a bunch of books-particularly at clinicals. I use Epocrates Essentials software. A lot of people in my class use a pda and all seem to really like it. (Plus it is nice to have the calendar for scheduling and I have a solitaire game for fun as well!)
  7. by   randybayrn
    Yes a PDA is nice to have in your pocket as opposed to a big book. Get the nursing central bundle of software, it worked great for me.
  8. by   olivia28
    Quote from SoontobeAdrienneRN
    Hello Karen,

    I am a nursing student and I have an expensive PDA/Cell phone that is very useful.
    Do you mind telling me what PDA/cell phone you have? I am looking to purchase one in the next few weeks.

    TIA :spin:
  9. by   adamsmom
    I am the only one of my class that has one. I love it and have grown attached to it. I recommend waiting to see what your required books are. I have my diagonsis, tabers, lab and rnnotes and I am ordering the NCLEX book the school wants us to have on pda. All these were the ones that my school required. I did buy the books to but only used them once. I have a TX because it has wifi and has expandable memory.
    Good luck