Need to interview nurses for an assignment

  1. Hi all,
    I'm working on one of my nursing class for a BSN program, and the assignment requires a written paper upon interviewing a nurse. I'm currently not working nor have any network to other nurses. Nurses please help me. Please pm me your email or phone number so I can interview you via text or phone call or email. I promise I wont bug you after the interview. Thank you so much.
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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    ​I suspect the object of the assignment is to have you conduct a face to face interview with a nurse. Try calling a local nursing home, hospital, school or correctional facility and ask to shadow a nurse for a few hours. Good luck.
  4. by   VickyRN
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  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Have you tried calling the staffing office of any local hospitals or nursing homes? Your local school nurse or health department? Many times these indivuduals (and those suggested by RubyVee) are willing to give you an hour or so of their time so that you can complete your face to face interview. There is so much more to be gained by a face to face interview that cannot be ascertained via a phone or email interview. Such as tone of voice, inflection, body language/position, etc. It is easier to clarify an answer in person. Plus in person, you will be able to witness the fact that the individual is in fact a licensed nurse.

    Remember this is an internationally read anonymous website. Most members are NOT comfortable sending you their personal contact information...and you cannot send your contact information via PM as you do not have a sufficient posting history (minimum 15 quality posts (i.e. not "Me too" posts)). In addition, since this is an anonymous onlilne forum you have no way of verifying that the individual responding is in fact a licensed nurse.

    Good luck.
  6. by   Esme12
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    I thought you recently took a hospice position......ask one of your co-workers or someone in the office. Check with your local school system and make an appointment with the school nurses. Check with your town/city department of health tospal with nurses there. Check with your PCP...check with your local urgent care or "minute clinic" and speak to a nurse there.....some facilities will allow nursing students interview nurses and will set up a time.

    The interview process is EXTREMELY important in the RN's role and in the assessment process of admissions for there is a ton of NON verbal clues that one can recieve when questioning/assessing someone face to face.
  7. by   tnguy31
    thank you so much for your input. I was able to contact a nurse from local nursing home and interview her
  8. by   amoLucia
    Another possibility would have been to contact your own primary MD's office to see if a nurse there could have helped you.

    And consider a pizza or donuts to say thank you.
  9. by   Esme12
    Quote from tnguy31
    thank you so much for your input. I was able to contact a nurse from local nursing home and interview her
    Well done!