IV Dosage Calculation

  1. Does anyone have an easy way to do these type of problems? Our test is next week and I am just so confused by these; we also need to get 100% or we fail. We had one dosage calculation test last week over oral and I can do those, it's just the IV ones that are confusing. Our instructors did not show us how either.
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  3. by   Band
    I use dosagehelp website and prenhall dosage website
    also my textbook

    you don't know what they're going to ask you for each dosage question... plus sometimes they sneak in extra info you don't need, so I just have to know what exactly I'm llooking for - what method do you use?
  4. by   KelRN215
    Post an example of the kind of question you're having difficulty with and we can help you work through it.
  5. by   Kimberly Davidson
    I need help with dosage pertains to infusing Heprien and patients weight. Also warfin and Coumadin. I have guides but not the formula with patients weight.
  6. by   NightNurseRN13
    Usually it will give you mg per kg

    if weight is given to you in pounds convert it to kg by dividing pt. weight in pounds by 2.2 and that will give you kg

    So lets say for example 5mg/kg/day pt. weight is 130lb

    130/2.2 = 59 kg is the pt's weight

    5mg/kg/day x 59kg = 295mg/day (the kg's cancel out so you are left with mg and day)

    Infusion rates you would first figure out pt weight in kg. then figure out how many mg they are to receive, then figure out how many
    mL would equal that amount and last figure out how many mL you would have to infuse every hour to get it all in within the allotted time frame.

    I hope I didn't confuse you.

    Remember your flow rate will always be mL/hour
  7. by   my4helpers
    I am sitting here trying to figure out why I am having such a hard time with these and I think it's because I get confused on what the problem is asking for. I don't have a particular problem on hand, I just have a hard time trying to figure out what they are asking.
  8. by   loriangel14
    Give us an example and explain what part you aren't getting.