Is it possible to work part time while in 1st semester of Nursing School?? - page 2

I am a married mother with two sons aged 16 and 9. I quit a full time job back in January to attend nursing school full time..I finally got in !! I am considering taking a PRN job at an assisted... Read More

  1. by   Proverbs 16:3
    I work as well and go to school full time. it's the only way i can pay rent and tuition. I've been doing good soo far. the only thing is i don't watch tv. i figure i use tv time to work. and the easy part is i work from home so it's easy to work whatever hrs i want which makes it easy for me to have time to prepare for exams when i have one near.
    I'll say you should be fine with 24 hr though you can work 30 -40 if you really plan your time.
  2. by   agent
    another person that works fulltime and is in 2nd year of nursing school now
  3. by   Elainekip
    It's absolutely possible!!!!. I currently work full time in assited living,( evening and sometimes overnight) and part time in hospital (Weekends). And i am doing great with my school overload.
    -Use the time you have well.
    -Do not leave anything until the last minute.
    -planning ahead
  4. by   AuntieRN
    I worked fulltime 5-6 nights a week my first 3 semesters. Then I went to work at the hospital and worked 2 twelves Fri and Sat nights my fourth semester. Now my fifth semester was in the summer and a whole different story. I think I worked 4 days all summer. All you can do is give it a try. Just remember that this is your chance to better yourself and school needs to be a priority. The sacrafices you make now will be repaid tenfold after you are all done. Good luck!!