Help!!!! Nursing Essay?

  1. ]I'm new to this site. I am hoping someone can give me some ideas on how to start my nursing essay?????
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  3. by   Tweety
    Can you be a bit more specific, such as what is the topic?
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    Quote from Tweety
    Can you be a bit more specific, such as what is the topic?
    Yes, a topic would help ...

    Also, what are some of YOUR ideas first...and then others will be more willing to chime in. Otherwise, most will assume you are looking for someone to do the work for you!
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    Hi there. Im a new student too. Started Uni in september, have just been given our first two modules, one being a rather tough exam, the other a 1500 word essay on becoming a healthcare professional. Have to admit, i am in the same state as you. Just dont know where to start!!
    Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that i am 'older' than the average nurse, (37), four children, and have been a healthcare asisitant for what seems like forever, although i loved every minute of it, and miss it tremendously. now i'm in a situation that i dont know the way forward, not sure what i should be reading, and in a total tizz about the whole thing! The only reassuring thing that i heard today was that i am already quarter of the way through, giving me a total of 2 3/4 years to go!!!
    So, ok, tell me your subject, and perhaps i can help you, and in return, if you or anyone for that matter can help me get started, it would be greatly appreciated. I so want to be able to do this, and terrified that perhaps i'm just not up to it. Stared blankly at the 'Renal system' today, alongside the Heart and Circulation, (we have to learn it all this week), and absoloutley nothing has retained in my memory. hence, i'm stressed to death!!!!
    So hope that someone can help you, but please feel free to ask me. Im always better helping others!! Dont they say that it's always easier to clear the snow from someone elses path!!
    All the best
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  7. by   SimbaCat
    thank you everyone for your help. i actually have an essay that i put together. please let me know what you think.

    [font='arial narrow']by nature, i am a sincere, dedicated, caring, individual who has a great deal of ambition. i love to learn, and am always up to a challenge. i prefer to be in a setting where i can interact with others, although i can efficiently work on my own as well. i have the benefit of being able to effectively listen and communicate with others. i efficiently multi-task in a busy, stressful area and at the same time am also able to collaborate with my co-workers toward the common goal of exemplary patient care. i understand that each individual is unique, with distinctive needs. through my employment in the past six years at [font='arial narrow']community[font='arial narrow'] [font='arial narrow']medical[font='arial narrow'] [font='arial narrow']center[font='arial narrow'] in the intensive care unit as a ward secretary/telemetry technician, i have learned to adapt my approach to meet the needs of the individual with whom i am interacting. as a nurse, there are many different ways that i could share my passion to provide the best possible care to patients as well as to their families.
    [font='arial narrow']nursing is a profession that affords me the opportunity to use my mind and heart, which would allow me to provide all aspects of care to individuals at the most vulnerable moments in their lives. i believe nursing to be a noble profession and i feel it would be an honor to be a nurse. [font='arial narrow']the field of nursing has many attractive qualities; the scientific aspect to medicine, being an integral part of the health care team, being a patient advocate, and working in a motivated, needed, and such an essential field fascinates me.
    [font='arial narrow']in the summer of 2000 an event occurred that influenced the rest of my life. my mother lay in the intensive care unit on a ventilator due to a critical illness without a very promising outlook. my mother has always been there for me, and now it was my turn to be there for her. i was unsure of what to do. [font='arial narrow']i spent many anxious days and nights at her bedside feeling frightened and helpless, waiting and hoping that she would recover. her fate was now in the hands of god and the health care professionals that buzzed around her. my family and i had so many questions and concerns and it was the nurses who guided us with their care and compassion that helped us through a very difficult time. i was amazed by their vast knowledge and integrity. my mother did recover under the watchful eyes of her nurses and doctors; however she was never going to be quite the same again. [font='arial narrow']it was then that i found nursing as my calling. i realized that nursing is a profession where you can really help people, and i wanted to be a part of that.
    [font='arial narrow']when i started working in icu, there was only one secretary, she worked days. the job was growing, so they added a night shift. there were three nurses who took me under their wing. they were wonderful and always took the time to answer my constant questions and explained the answers. i found everything to be fascinating and i wanted to learn more. i pursue information sources to look up any medication, lab test, terms, or any procedure with which i am not familiar. there was a delay in my formal telemetry training and i sought after ways to learn. so i bought ekg's made easy, and with the help of the nurses, i started to learn on my own. when the class became available i was already familiar with the material. it has been over six years now, and i feel comfortable in my analysis of telemetry rhythms and my colleagues consider me one the top telemetry technicians in the hospital.
    [font='arial narrow']i have accomplished many things that i am proud of since i started working in icu. i have built the night secretary/telemetry technician job from a basic frame into the generally smooth running shift it is today. i seek out more efficient ways to complete tasks. i have reformatted the cardiac catherization/pci post recovery frequent vital signs flow sheet. i spent a great many hours reformatting and typing icu's policies and procedures into the computer so that they all would be available on-line. i worked with dr. eyler, an endocrinologist, to reformat her insulin drip protocol. after extensive research with the help of the icu educator, i wrote a new job description for the secretary and telemetry technician position that is now hospital policy. until i began school last january, i also served on icu's self-governance committee.
    [font='arial narrow']after much consideration and research, i am determined to continue my education in the field of nursing. now that my children are older, i feel it is time to fulfill my dream. i attend school full-time, and work full-time in the icu. i love my job, the people i work with, and the patients we care for. i consider my time in icu as training for my ultimate goal as a nurse.
    [font='arial narrow']i have seen the joys of nursing and also the heartbreak. i have an accurate idea of what nursing involves and i know that i can become an excellent nurse. i have learned to put my emotions aside during tense situations and to be there for the patient and their families and i have learned what empathy really means. i have a unique perspective on terminal patients through my experiences with my mother. she has end-stage copd and is hospitalized often; sometimes on a ventilator. i know what it is like to by the bedside as a worried family member.. as her daughter, i want everything to be done for her. however, it is not about me; it is about her wishes and needs. i have learned what it is to be a complete patient advocate. nursing is about patient care and needs, the quality of life, not the quantity.
    [font='arial narrow'] nursing is a caring profession that provides a service offered to others through the establishment of relationships focused toward health. this is characterized by trust, meaningful communications, and an attitude of caring and respect. i believe that to be a good, well-rounded nurse requires intellectual capacity, and also a heart for the job. it takes compassion and understanding for the patient and the willingness to strive to get the best healthcare possible for them. my job in icu has provided me with extensive experience, knowledge and skills necessary in order for me to continue my nursing education. i love what i do and the feeling of content when i know that i have made a positive difference in someone's life. i consider the three nurses who took me under their wing to be my mentors as well as my inspiration to be the kind of nurse i know i can be. i believe my experience and unique perspective, proven performance in the medical field, and record of academic achievements will help me be an excellent candidate for the nursing program.
    [font='arial narrow']any input you have would be wonderful. thanks for your help.
  8. by   Shaneomac
    You essay appears to be a lot more like a covering letter for a job application, if this is what your examiners have asked for then it looks pretty fine to me, however, reading through it one would think that you will eventually become the perfect nurse, perhaps add something in it to say that you are not perfect and do not know everything about nursing yet, and have much to learn but are willing to learn what you don't yet know. Again though, the actual essay question would be of a lot more help.
  9. by   dacryocystitis
    I also agree with the above poster. The essay sounds more like a cover letter for a job to which you are applying. The section where you discuss all the tasks you have completed in the ICU (reformating flow sheets, reformatting insulin drip protocol, etc) especially makes the essay sound like a cover letter.

    I think you are trying to show how you are motivated and goal oriented; however, I think there are ways to portray that without having it sound too much like a cover letter.

    I also think you should avoid saying things like "nursing is blah blah blah and nursing is blah blah blah" The admissions committee is more than likely comprised of nurses, and I would imagine they are doctorally and master's prepared they already know what nursing is. And please don't take that the wrong way because I didn't mean for it to be rude. I'm just trying to help.

    Does the application just say "write an essay for us" or do they give you specific questions to which you must respond? If you give us the actual questions, we might be able to help you change your essay a bit to make it sound more like an essay for a nursing program rather than a cover letter for a job.
  10. by   SimbaCat
    I do agree with you. However what they want us to write about is why we want to go into nursing, and apply your life expierences and and medical expierence. And above, why we are the better canidate above all others.
  11. by   Shaneomac
    Now I can really help, I don't personally like the essay they have set you as everything sounds a bit too much like a sales pitch, not your fault really as this is pretty much what they have asked for and as we all know, nursing is not about sales. You have to get out of the trap of using "I" "I did this" "I did that" too many "I" not good, try to reword somethings to avoid using " I " if you can do this, I think some of your content is pretty good, but some things appear irrelevant like the part where you reformatted and typed out icu's policies and procedures.. <<< has nothing to say you will be a good nursing candidate. I would advise you to put in an example of empathy and how you can empathise with patients, perhaps a time when you were ill and needed nursing care, definitely try to add an example on how you can empathise with patients as this is a "big" one. Also the another "big" one, communication, add an example of how well you can communicate. Basically, if you can link your experiences to these then you have a good essay. Remember nursing is not only a science but also an art. So try to cover some of the more fundamental aspects too. And also try to steer away from using your time at ICU because it seems ALL the experiences you have used have come from ICU try to use examples from other times in your life too.
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  12. by   sun12
    Hey all,
    Can you please help me in writing an essay in the topic " how would you define Compassion and integrity with your character" A little bit of hint would be a lot helpful for me
  13. by   Daytonite
    How can we do that when we don't know you? You have to discuss your character.
  14. by   pharmgirl
    As I was reading the essay I was thinking the same things as Shane, take out the "I"s and also paragraph structure....I got a little lost but that might be the whole "cut/paste" thing on the post. Take Shane's advice and you have an awesome essay. (agreed topic SUCKS, not your fault tho) lol