HELP!! Need a topic for an ESSAY

  1. Hi all this is my first post I have been trolling for months.

    I have a dilemma I can't think of a topic for my essay. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

    I need to describe a current ethical or moral healthcare issue and explain how it may change or affect the role of nurses.

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   ann945n
    How about how in some states pharmacists can refuse to fill meds like birth control or the morning after pill if they morally object to it. So will they then be able to refuse to fill diabetic meds since they may feel people should use diet instead? Or hypertension meds since people should loose weight instead? will nurses then be allowed to refuse to give a med based on the same objection?
  4. by   Jay-Jay
    In Canada, certain meds aren't covered by the drug plan, due to their high cost, and the government deciding there are other cheaper drugs that will work just as well.

    Sometimes this isn't the case. The drug not covered actually DOES work better.

    I'm sure you have similar things happen with HMO's in the States who want to save money.
  5. by   augigi
    Rationing of critical care beds?
  6. by   Antikigirl
    Okay...a few hot button topics that helped me when I was in school. Needle donation programs for or con.

    Woman with aids breastfeeding.

    Confidentility when it involves a 'life partner' they have a right to know?

    Mandatory DNR's for LTC/SNF or ALF admission...right or wrong!

    Parental or spousal rights to make choices for their loved ones if they can not speak for themselves?

    Aspiration precautions, are caregivers feeding folks to fast and why?

    Right to die.

    Medical marajuna.

    Drug seekers, fair Dx or stereotype and what can we do?

    Bed sores, hospital vs homes...

    Mentally for those that get ignored.

    Harrassment by pts..when can you stand up for yourself as a caregiver?

    Right to smoke, and implementations to help smokers.

    Low nurse census vs high pt acuity and safety issues..what can we do?

    Can't turn pts away...but not set up for that type of pt! What is a nurse to do?

    What is adequate pay for RN's?

    Nursing shortage or are nurses simply fed up?

    Uniforms...whites or color?

    Bad MD, concerned nurse..where do we go REALLY?

    Tylenol doses..which is the right one?

    What are your responsibilites when a pt declines something?

    HIPAA...need I say more?

    The grey area of restraints (biggie!~)

    Burn out in nursing.

    I can do more..LOL!!!!!!!!