help in maternity

  1. 1st test in maternity is coming up can anyone please help our instructor gives crappy notes!!
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  3. by   NeosynephRN
    I think you need to be more specific...Maternity is a big what are you studying high risk, labor and delivery, post partum, antepartum???
  4. by   ees005
    our first test is covering alot.For ex. diabetes, thyroid, cardiovascular disorders, Hematological, respiratory, Neurological, Autoimmune, GI Disorders Etc. There is so much more like Physiologic/psychological changes and the major health alterations in the pregnant pt. It's just alot to cover for the 1st test and they dont give notes. It's basically whatever you can write down, but sometimes you get behind and she doesn't repeat anything. So i'm just looking for some help on what i really need to be focusing on for this test cause it's only 50 ques. I would appreciate any help!!
  5. by   Daytonite
    know how these things affect the pregnancy and outcome.

    here's a link to an online maternity textbook. you can link into flashcards to help you study, if that's any help. i would also suggest that you stick with the objectives that were listed in your syllabus. - online student companion website for maternal-newborn & child nursing by marcia l. london, patricia a. ladewig, jane w. ball, and ruth l. bindler. on the top menu bar of this home page is a drop down arrow where you pick a chapter of interest. once into these chapters you will find an audio glossary of obstetrical terms (you can access it here,00.html ), a summary of information in each chapter of the book, nclex review questions pertinent to the information from each chapter, case study and care map activities (i did not check to see if you get any feedback as to whether or not your answers to these exercises are correct) and nursing tools that include: abbreviations used in maternity and pediatric nursing, a food guide pyramid, rdas for females during pregnancy, recommended dietary allowances, family assessment, guidelines for working with deaf clients, growth charts (10 pediatric growth charts from birth to age 20), west normogram, maternal-newborn lab values including cord blood, pediatric lab values, clinical estimation of gestational age, actions and effects of selected drugs, maternity critical pathways (for diabetes, epidural anesthesia, hemorrhage in the 3rd trimester, puerperal infection, newborn of a substance abusing mother and newborn with respiratory distress), and a whole slue of pediatric care plans (they only include goals, interventions, rationales, and expected outcomes--no nursing diagnoses). almost all are in pdf files so you need an acrobat reader to download and see these files. each chapter also provides internet links to more online information.
  6. by   suzy253
    Some instructors handed out powerpoint slides...some didn't. My instructor for pedi handed out an outline and I specifically remember her saying that she doesn't hand out notes saying 'that's your job to read and look things up'. She's right!
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    i would suggest using a nclex book and reading the chapter on maternity. i used my nclex book to study for my maternity exams and did the practice really helped me focus on whats most important