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  1. Ok, i had my test for maternity nursing today and it's just got me all so down. What makes me feel really bad is the fact that
    1. I told myself i would not change my answer (i'm notorious for changing right to wrong) and i did.
    2. i had seen one question elsewhere in the exact same format and i knew the answer but i talked myself into why a different option was right because the teacher could be tricking us.
    I also think using different sources of info to study can get one mixed up and my textbook is not the best because it can say, "so -so can be done at week 6-9" and then go on and say its more visible or something at "week 10-14" my issue becomes which is which. My instructor herself recognized this and the only knowledge question that came on the test, she threw out because the book mentioned 2 answers.
    This is the first quiz, 5% of the total grade and i did not do well. There was only one question i had not come across elsewhere but somehow, i say stupid things to convince myself.
    Does anyone know what i can do to prevent me from making such silly mistakes? about the changing the answer issue, i have a policy of not taking erasers into the exam room but somehow, i end up using someone elses.
    I am sooo frustrated cuz i studied sooo hard, ignoring almost everything around me and know, i feel soo bad i've no interest in anything... not even studying for my other test friday and monday.
    Any ideas on how to deal with my testtaking stupidity?
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  3. by   BeccaznRN
    Oh yes......never, ever, ever change answers!!! The way I avoid this is once I have put my answer on the scantron, I never go back to it. At the end of the test I will go through the scantron and make sure I have answered every one, but I never look at the actual question again. Tell everyone around you to NOT loan you an eraser also.
  4. by   Daytonite
    Follow your own advice. It may be harder than you think to do that. You have to make deliberate attempts to recognize when you are going against your own judgment during a test because at those moments you now know that you are in the throws of test anxiety and not thinking rationally.
  5. by   NaomieRN
    Proverbs, I think you know the answer. You just have to convince yourself to not do it.
  6. by   Proverbs 16:3
    Thanks guys for your advice. I usually tell myself i'm changin from right to wrong but for some reason, i still find myself erasing and shading a different thing. I even did it today. I guess i'll have to learn that if i chose the wrong answer the first time, then i stick to it. I'm going to pray about it cuz it really fustrates me.