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  1. Could someone please tell me which states or better yet which schools offer direct admition into an ADN program? I have a friend in Michigan who has completed all the prerequisites but has to wait for at least a year before he can get into the program because of the "waiting list". I would appreciate any information, at this point he is ready to move anywhere. He is trying to avoid private colleges because of the high tuition.
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  3. by   S.N. Visit, If he's willing to move "anywhere!" Ottumwa, Iowa
  4. by   shanyone
    I'm not sure where he is in Michigan, but I don't believe there's a waiting list at Mercy College of Northwest Ohio. It's a great school too. A little pricier than the other schools in Northwest Ohio, but worth it in the end, I believe.

    Maybe this would be an option for him if he wants to stay in the area. He better apply soon though.

  5. by   loly24
    Cy-Fair College in Katy, Texas, they do not keep a waiting list you have to reapply. They base it on your GPA for prereq's and the nursing entrance test and only 50 are accepted in the fall and I am not sure how many in Spring.
  6. by   natrgrrl
    Metropolitan Community College in Omaha has a point system, no waiting list. Tell your friend to hurry, deadline is June 1. BTW, in-state tuition is $43.00/credit hour and out of state is $63/credit hour. You have to have your LPN license before entering 2nd year of the program.
    Must have completed by June 1:
    Comp I
    Intermediate Algebra
    Human Growth and Development
    College Chemistry
    TEAS test

    A & P 1 and 2 will add extra points.
  7. by   lizzyberry
    When there is not a waiting list at schools it is based on your gpa whether you get in or not. At my school there is no waiting list but if your gpa is lower than like a 3.4 than you probably wont get in. So sometimes when there is no waiting list you have to wait to get in anyway and pull up your grades/gpa.