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Nursing shortage per state

Looking for information on nursing shortage in each state Maybe moving, I just want to make a good choice Thanks Ken

hellerd2003, RN

Specializes in Critical Care.

Looking for information on nursing shortage in each state Maybe moving, I just want to make a good choice Thanks Ken

I'd recommend identifying states in which you could live first, and then comparing those states for RN shortages. If you just move where there's a shortage, you'll be unhappy outside of work, which will make you miserable in work. Just my two cents as someone who did the cross-country move thing as a new grad. :-)

Reno1978, BSN, RN

Has 6 years experience. Specializes in SRNA.

The last stats I can find are from 2000:


I would research the area you're moving to. For example, I live in NV which has one of the lowest, if not the lowest, # of nurses per 100,000 people on this list...a great shortage on paper, but when I read about Las Vegas, it seems very hard to find a job. Whereas in Reno you probably would be snatched up in no time!

I currently live in southern MN and have been watching the newspaper ads for nursing jobs (I am currently a junior so not really looking) and there are few (and I mean few) jobs out there. I know there are a few hospitals doing massive lay-offs in the Twin Cities. The economy has impacted us all-and not lightly in the least. I went to school because I love nursing and thought it would be a strong occupation. During lecture, all I hear is, "You are going into a strong profession and with the baby boomers coming up-we are going to need more and more nurses." At this point, I can only cross my fingers that things pick up before May of '10. Good luck on your possible move.

mama_d, BSN, RN

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Where I am they seem to still be hiring at the moment for ICU and ED, but that's about it. All of our OT has been cut. Management has been decimated by a recent "restructuring".

People wonder why I'm usually in a good mood at work...it's b/c I still have a job...no matter what I'm putting up with, it's better than sitting at home without one. This economy stinks and it sucks to be a grown up.


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I recently heard that the University of Michigan is laying off nurses and Sparrow hospital in Lansing. If those two are laying off it is scary for the rest of Michigan! :smackingf

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