Where's my Littman Scope???!!!

  1. My husband ordered me a Littman Master Cardiology scope before Christmas as a gift. It was supposed to be engraved. When we recieved it on January 10th :angryfire, it was not engraved. We called Allheart immediately and they said to return it and it would be engraved and send back to us. We sent it back via FedEx and they recieved and SIGNED for it on the 13th. I called a few days ago and they told me they just recieved it, which I know IS A LIE :angryfire!!!! I was told that they would have it "at least through next week" because they do them as they get them.

    We have called and they always "are experiencing a high volume of calls. We apologize for the delay. Your call is very important to us. Please stay on the line" Has anyone had this kind of terrible customer service??? We called 2 1/2 hours before they closed and they were experiencing a high volume of calls the entire time. This is our first time dealing with them and I am not happy

    We cannot get ahold of anyone there.

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  3. by   caliotter3
    Poor customer service is the reason several people have stated they won't deal with this company again and why I won't consider using them. Your story adds to the others.
  4. by   stdntograd06
    Thank You for your input. My real concern is how to get my scope! And when we finally do, is it going to be right?? I'll send them an email tomorrow.

    Also- the confirmation email that my husband recieved after ordering it was from: Allheart.com.

    He also recieved emails following that from: Allheart.net????

    The phone number was taken off the site within the last 3 days because I got the customer number off their home page.

    Still looking how to get my scope. It's not like we have $200 to throw away

  5. by   ~MIA~
    Allheart is a very frustrating company to deal with. They have the worst customer service and they take f o r e v e r to send out their merchandise. I don't order from them anymore. Sorry you are having problems. Hope you get your scope soon!
  6. by   hotdog19d
    My wife bought me a Cardiology III from them engraved and we had no problems. I've had problems with others around Christmas though. I think it's just the time of year.
  7. by   Meriwhen
    I've had no problems with ordering from them...but like the OP, when I try to call them I always get the "high volume" or some other excuse. So now I only stick to basic stuff when ordering from them so I (hopefully) don't have to call.
  8. by   suzy253
    Typical for Allheart.
  9. by   shrimpchips
    I have never dealt with allheart only because of the stories I've heard about their terrible customer service :zzzzz If you decide to order things online in the future, try reddingmedical.com. Excellent customer service and super-fast shipping!
  10. by   azhiker96
    Hopefully you used a credit card. That gives you protection if they take too long to ship or never ship. I ordered a bed frame from a company and they said I'd get it in 2 weeks. I called at 3 weeks and they said they were still working on it. When I called at 4 weeks they said they'd filed bankruptcy and I was out of luck. I just called my card company, related what had happened and disputed the charge. My card company reversed the charge and I bought a frame at another store.
  11. by   stdntograd06
    My Littman Master Cardiology Scope came today . We called every single day and emailed them telling them that as healthcare providers, we are going to be needing supples and accessories, etc. I had worried that when I did finally get it that it would not be engraved correctly, but it is .

    The best part is that I have to work tonight and get to use it right away on my patients, who are geriatrics. They tend to have cardiac and respiratory issues.

    Thanks everyone for your imput. :spin:

  12. by   wlb06
  13. by   CorpsmanRN
    wlb06 has it right, go to steeles.com the Littmann's are very inexpensive (compared to other sites & even gov't pricing!). A couple of my classmates just ordered theirs (one with engraving) and she got it within a week or two. Glad you have yours now.
  14. by   CraftyStarr
    Another good place to try is www.medisave.net I ordered my Littman on Friday and received it yesterday (Tuesday). I got it engraved any everything! Plus, they had the lowest prices I could find.