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Ok I'm a second year nursing student in my BSN, in clinical i don't know where to put my stethescope. i want it on my all the time to keep it handy I hate the way it feels around my neck, and it... Read More

  1. by   CA CoCoRN
    Quote from Jo Anne
    You can buy a belt clip. I've seen these at scrub stores. Basically, it hooks on the waist of your pant and the bell and earpieces are secured together. Pretty neat.
    I tried the belt clip...and it just didn't work for me. But it may for you.

    ScopeCoats (fabric sheaths which cover the tubing) are cool and end the irritation. Just make sure you launder them periodically.

    AND...if you don't want to spend the $6-20 for a scopecoat...then you can get the socking that is used to sheath bandages for burn pts or that are applied before plaster casts.
    It's like gauze tubing. (forgive the memory lapse, but I can't call the name of the stuff right now)>
  2. by   saskrn
    Quote from CA CoCoRN
    Even when a couple of my "call themselves doctors but never live up to the stereotype of having a stethoscope with them always" doctor friends borrow it, I stalk them until it's returned...or they'll be writing me a check. But I'm serious.
    Been there, done that. I ALWAYS get my scope back, and freely threaten MD'S.