What to engrave on my stethoscope?

  1. Hey everyone. I start nursing school this fall and am going to buy a Littmann Cardiology III. This is what was recommended by our advisers.

    The website I am going to buy it from offers free engraving on the bell. Does it change the sound quality since it is engraved on the bell?

    Also, people generally keep stethoscopes for many years, right? I plan on getting married within 3 or 4 years, so I don't know if I should engrave it with my first and last name or not, since my last name will be changing soon. Do people ever do phone numbers instead of names? I am also concerned about having my full name on it during our psych rotation. (Our name tags usually say like S. Jones, SU NS, but for psych rotation we get new name tags with like Sarah J, SU NS.) (Thats not my real name by the way)

    The only solution I could come up with is getting my initials and phone number (since there is a 20 character limit). My initials will still change but in psych rotation it wont have my full name our there- although I guess a phone number is just as bad.

    Does anyone have any advice? I know this seems like a trivial issue, but this is a big purchase for me and since I am buying a nice stethoscope I want to keep it for many years.

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  3. by   Purple_Scrubs
    I would think your phone number might change, plus it would not really help with identification. Could you do your first name only, then later when school is done come back and get your last name and RN added?
  4. by   swirlything
    In my school, we did not do physical assessments during our psych rotation, so we did not even bring stethescopes; so that may not even be an issue. As for which name to use, totally up to you.

    I'm curious as to why the advisors recommended the cardiology III. I personally wouldn't spend the money on it. It's way more than you'll need. I use the classic II SE, and have NEVER felt like I needed a more expensive one. Also the cardiology III is 1/3 heavier than the classic II SE... and it's going to spend a LOT of hours hanging around your neck. My advice would be not to spend the money for the cardiology III unless you think you're going to need it for your specialty after graduation.

    Have you been to the Littmann website to actually compare the stethescopes? I just know how expensive school is and don't want you to spend more than you need.

    Here's the Littmann website where you can compare the features of their products.

  5. by   Flames9_RN
    For school I bought the Littman classic II E and it was fine, as I have now graduated I just purchased the card III from medisave.net (use the coupon from retailmenot.com for a discount) I figured, best to spend less $$ during school in case I'm not successfull, yes not the most positive thinking,lol I Just received the card III so I can't honestly say if it is worse the extra $$$$, but others I have spoke to said it was

    There are clips that one can buy, that goon your waist, and the stethoscope attaches to it. Soem profs wont alow you to hang your stethoscope around your neck for saitation reasons. And I have found if ya keep it in your pocket, you end up bending the metal portion by the earpiece.

    Being a guy, my name isnt about to change so had them engrave my first and last name followed by RN. Didnt have to bring a stethoscope to any of our psych rotations
  6. by   seamel
    Thanks for the help everyone. I have talked to the adviser about it and she said that the Classic II will be alright. At the meeting she said to buy the "most expensive steth you can find, preferably the Caridiology III". That got me all scared that I wouldn't do as well with the Classic II, but it seems that it will be just fine. Thanks again!
  7. by   Flames9_RN
    As I stated earlier, I had the Classic II and it is mighty fine stethoscope. many students have them and are happy with them, and if y aloose it, ur not out a pile of $$$$, and I know a # that did loose their stethoscopes!! Amazing on how they manage to walk off,lol
  8. by   mcknis
    I have used several stethoscopes throughout school and work. I wouldn't trust those cheap single head/dual head 'nurse scopes' that are sold in a pack that you have to assemble. If you have to assemble your stethscope, then it can be easily unassembled to ship back to the company. i also don't like the two tube 'sprague-rappaport' scopes. They are too heavy for a neck of any size and if you have long hair with a big scope, your neck will heat up big time. I personally like Littmann for quality, but that doesnt mean you have to buy a 'name.' For cheaper price...look at the Littmann Select (great acoustics and you do not need to have a small bell no matter what anyone tells you). Feels great on or off your neck, great price/quality and I have used it for several years without feeling like I needed a bigger scope. I was given a Littmann Card III for christmas 3 years ago and while heavy, it is of good quality. We have one doctor that never brings his own scope with him and he just always uses one of the nurses. When I am there, he always takes mine (whether I am using a cheaper scope or my Card III). Doctors use big scopes, little scopes, cheap scopes, expensive scopes, and sometimes even no scope at all. (Tis a discussion for another thread.) I personally like the high quality, cheaper scopes because they are easier to replace. One of the girls I work with uses at Littmann Classic 2 (nice scope, paid $90 for it, could have got it for 50-60 though). Do some searching first and if you like ebay...hint, hint...try there first. As for other brands...look at the Prestige Clinical I (not the 'Lite' version), the ADC 603, or event this one... http://galls.com/style.html?assort=g...og&style=EM265

    Good luck!