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This is not an earth shattering post but I am in need of a new stethescope and want to get one that is crystal clear and good for both peds and adults. I have recently worked neonatal and pediatrics... Read More

  1. by   rgroyer1RNBSN
    Geez I was just kidding, I was doing that because of what the person before me said about reevaluating ur skills if you need an expensive scope that kind of ticked me because my skills are excellent I have been doing this awhile and I have an expensive scope so thats why I got angry someone dissen are assesment skils I know for a fact that us er nurses probabley have way better assesment skills than the floor nurses because were always doing assesments, and personally I have two expensive scopes My favorite I have a welch allen harvey elite cardiology scope which compares with the littman cardiology scopes but cost about $50.00 bucks less and you get like 6 different ear tips with it that are soft and you can speciffically fit it to your ears so its most comfortable, then I have a welch allen spectrum scope which compares to the littman classic 2 and it cost about $64.00 its good so u all might check those out I also have 2 cheapies I have a double tube but its the cardiology one which is about $25.00 bucks but its 2 tubes that goes into one big one its a good cardiac one except there kinda hard to find, and I have a sprague lite which is about $14.00 there both made by the same places as the regular sprague I have had my sprague lite since nursing school it may be cheap but its good and they come with soft ear tips. :spin:
  2. by   rgroyer1RNBSN
    Check out the scopes on and theres a real good place called and thats where I got my welch allen scopes, best of luck.:spin:
  3. by   nghtfltguy
    everyone has their own opinions on scopes~... just try em out and see what works best~~ oh.. and i got my cardiology III from for WAY under 200 bucks! with my name on it!!
  4. by   RN Randy
    Got my Cardio III on ebay for $30 plus $20 for a new set of earplugs and diaphragms.. [new parts based on the 'ewww']

    Funny thing is, just for giggles I bought a Cardio III 'similar' scope from Devon or CardioMart on ebay... brand new for $24... looks like an exact Littmann duplicate, right down to the heavy milled head; except the tubing seems slightly stiffer. Anyway, I can't tell a spot difference between the 'real' one and the copy! A quite interesting finding, I say....

    I put them in jump bags and other high-loss-rate areas. Everyone thinks they're Littmanns.
  5. by   SoonToPassGas
    I personally love my Littmann. It has lasted a long time and works great. I actually just received another Littmann Classic II stethescope (black, 28 inch) as a gift, but don't really need it. If anyone is interested in a great deal let me know!
  6. by   swartzrn
    I love the Cardiology III. There are so many out there. You'll just have to search around and see what you like. is a very good site too as far as prices. I just looked and they have the Cardiology III for right at 125. I've been looking around for my husband a good stethoscope. My husband starts RN school in the Fall.
    One mistake people make though is they think just because they buy THE most expensive stethoscope that they can automatically hear what they are supposed to be listening for. However, you do want one that is of good quality and going to last. I started as a medic in 1991 and then went to nursing school and I cannot begin to tell you how many stethoscopes I have gone through. I've been using the one I have now for 5 years and it's in great shape.
  7. by   P_RN
    I got my III from a Resident who was selling off all his "doctor stuff" for $25. He said a surgeon doesn't need all that stuff to do a total hip. I wish I'd gotten to the oto-oph. too.
  8. by   greenjanell
    littman cardiology III. love it for ER, mainly because i can use it for peds and adults and we definalety have a mix of each. have had it for over 5 years and its in great shape.... paid 120.00 for it. I feel lost without it hanging on my neck.
  9. by   teeituptom
    I prefer one that is inexpensive and sturdy and has a heavy head on it. Actually makes a good weapon to smack someone with.
  10. by   LMPhilbric
    I have a Master Cardiology from Littman and absolutely love it. I'm also allergic to it (never had a problem with the cheap scope, but anyway), so I have a lion stethoscope cover from on it. I never lose it and the docs never "borrow" it because they are too embarrassed. Everyone knows it's mine and everyone leaves it alone.