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I love nursing but after a twelve hour shift my feet hurt. After night #2 my feet and ankles hurt and by night #3 I just want to cry by hour 5. First of all, does anyone else experience this? ... Read More

  1. by   sharann
    Just having spent my 3rd day on my poor feet and going back for more tomorrow, I can empathize. I just get home, rub my feet with cream, massage them and keep them up as much as possible. I want to try the knee high teds myself, but keep forgetting. I know at least I'm in good company. The best remedy I can come up with to ease wear and tear on the feet is better staffing...until then, try to find good shoes.
  2. by   eagleRN
    First let me say I do not own stock in this company, I do not get referrals, I learned about this brand of shoe ($130.) from my rheumatologist--BIRKENSTOCK. They have about 7 styles of WHITE Nurse's Shoes. I had a choice after seeing my Orthopedist, retire or have surgery. Then I casually brought it up to my rheumatologist and he mention BIRKENSTOCK. He didn't even think they came in white. I just happened to go by a "specialty store" in another town and saw the Brand Name, I went in, tried on the shoes, and have been working in them 50 hours a week, without even thinking about my "bunionette on my little toe" and my swollen "right foot" and my previously fx. "left foot" "swollen big toe" etc.... To me they worked a miracle. Maybe they wouldn't work for you, but before you go spending alot of money on "orthodics" just try out this brand of shoe, it has a "cork" sole. Unusual, but I get compliments on them on a daily basis.
  3. by   semstr
    Knee-high-TED's are great (make sure they fit really well though) and at least 2 pair of different shoes.
  4. by   Shantony
    I'm doing okay so far tonight. My coworkers recommended Epson Salt (MgSO4) baths after work. So I soaked before taking my afternoon nap and I'm telling you my feet have been fine .

    They told me to put 2 cups per tub of water (hot as you can stand it) and soak for 15 to 20 minutes. They say do it before you go to bed to wake up feeling good. I have flat feet so I think I am going to look for Birkenstocks and try them on. Right now my Reeboks are keeping me together. I just spent $55 on Nursemates and they are killing my feet. Thats what I get for trying to be cute. At this point I would wear Frankenstein's Boots if they made a difference.:chuckle
  5. by   nightingale
    Sounds like the Epson Salts pull out the lactic acid which make your feet burn... I will try that too. I too suffer emensely and it sounds like new shoes are in order. I will look into those Birkenstocks also.

    I just ordered some shoes online; I feel like a doophis cause they were those cute little Nursemates! What was I thinking.

    I will do a search and see if there is a place for Birks online....

    Great ideas... great thread... thank you all....

  6. by   Tookie
    OK Feet and ankles are chronic at the moment - I really believe - or believed that it was related to menopausal changes - It does not help that l am overweight and almost 52 however there has been progressively more pain recently this may prompt me to check out the alternatives first ie podiatrist - l know that my arches are fallen - but then recently l have had so many joint pains - it worries me as l beleive l am going to, thanks to my genes live a long life and l want to be able to enjoy it and that means - being mobile
    Any way do any other BB members know much about joint pain and menopusal changes -
    Shantony - sorry this may have taken the focus of your post a little off key - however l started typing and the thoughts seems to have fallen through the holes in my brain
    'Tired Tookie'
  7. by   P_RN
    For me, Rockport Pro Walkers, Dr Scholls arch supports and knee high TED hose (8.99 a pair mail order.) No leg and foot problems as long as I do this.

    I also have plantar fasciitis, especially when I get lazy and walk around in bedroom shoes. I notice that the arch supports fit a little snugly after I've been lax in wearing them. After the stretching it's fine.
  8. by   nursekac
    Seems like I had all of the aboveand that all of the above helped. I love my Birks!
  9. by   nursegoodguy
    I would definitely consult a physician before I self diagnosed, (isn't that what all good little legal nurses are supposed to say...) Now with that out of the way, I was tryng to look up some information for you on Plantar fasciitis but there is so much out there... Why don't you go to and just type in the words Plantar fasciitis and then check out some of the links... Be aware that some just want to sell you a product but you can still get a pretty good definition of what it might be and some helpful hints on what to do... I worked 68 hour work weeks for about 6 years and by year #2 my feet, heels and ankles started to ACHE! Some of the stuff that helped me was to initially lose 15 lbs, throw away my nursing shoes and get some new balance running shoes, (that really helped!!!), something else that was a big help was to stand and lunge forward keeping one foot, (the foot that was not lunging) flat on the floor to stretch out that fascia. I did that about 5 times per foot for a little immediate relief. So stop reading right now and stand up and give it a try... Do your feet feel a little better? If you decide to invest in another pair of shoes I am sure you can find new balance or birkenstocks at your local mall... I think I've seen new balance for around $60 but I usually end up paying about $80, (and I get them a little wider than I need!) Birkenstocks also should be found there at varying prices but I have never tried them... Another thing I did was to switch jobs! If you spend 12 hours on your feet running then you'll have a nice Short career! I've had jobs where we didn't have enough techs and you ended up being a tech and a nurse, I've had jobs that nursing wise were too busy for one nurse... If you have a job where you are overworked physically then you are probably overworked mentally as well! Your little tootsies might be trying to tell you more than you think! All of these things helped greatly and my feet now do feel much better! Seriously though, you might consider consulting a doc to get an accurate diagnosis but just like the web sites that want to sell you something, some docs want to make a car payment too! I would try the non invasive remedies first! Now go to and look it up!
  10. by   eagleRN
    Since I have had so many inquiries about my earlier entry about BIRKENSTOCK SHOES, the WHITE nursing shoes are called
    please call 1-800-247-5748 or
    send an e-mail to

    They will send you a free catalog, but it is on the web. But nothing is any better than actually going into a store and trying them on and walking in them!!!
  11. by   eagleRN type in search word Alpro

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    Alpro C120 In White Leather

    Alpro C120 In Black Leather

    Alpro G500 In White Leather

    Alpro G500 In Black Leather

    Alpro C140 In White Leather
    $119.95 These are my favorites, I work in them 50 hrs. a week,
    the price is $10.00 cheaper than when I purchased them. I wish I owned this company

    Alpro C140 In Black Leather

    Alpro C101 In White Leather

    Alpro C101 In Black Leather
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  12. by   LKent
    i could not help but comment on this even though im not a nurse nor in the healthcare field. i use to play alot of sports in youth and hs. one of the most important things is to warm up before your physical activity. do some "dynamic" stretches before work, such as going through the foward, backward, sideways and twisting motions. warming up your total body will decrease injuries and back pains. flex your ankles by walking on your toes back & forth and also on your heels. sounds silly but helps.

    then when your done work do regular "static" stretches. should take 5 to ten mins tops while you watch some tv. this shouldnt be done before work or a workout like most people believe. should last 5- 10mins tops. so stretch that ankle and hold for 10 or so seconds...

    this stuff really helps. think of yourself as an athlete. also the right shoe is neccessary. try a running shoe store, they put u on a treadmill with a camera on your feet to see how you step to determine your foot type. its free in some places.

    doing these things are free or super cheap ways to try to remedy ankle/foot pains and other pains like the infamous lower back. if your conditions dont improve or worsen, then go see a foot doctor.
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