Sore Feet

  1. I'm a diabetic with peripheral neuropathy. My feet are so sensitive and my toes just burn like they are on fire. I've found that Easy Spirit slip on sneakers with ventilation work the best for me but I'm having trouble with socks. I need really light and wide socks.

    As for Croc type the support and aeration but those ghastly little bumps on the bottom are torture. I'm like the Princess and the Pea I guess.

    Does anyone have any suggestions about keeping feet cool? And cooling lotions or anything?
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  3. by   Ariesbsn
    I have the same problem and don't know of any non-medicine type of help. Are you taking any meds? I was really surprised when my doc put me on a statin, my feet got tons better. Unfortunately, I don't tolerate statins, so that relief was short lived. I am now taking the typically prescribed neuropathy med.
  4. by   nursemary9
    My neurapathy is so bad!! I recently had a change in meds & still have some pain.

    My problems are kind of the opposite of yours. I always need my feet VERY warm.
    I wear socks ALL of the time--even to bed.
    I find that I need to even wear some type of shoe to bed---I know this sounds stupid, but if I have some type of shoe, I have less pain. What I wear is a moccasin type shoe. I use it only in bed--that pair, at least.

    For work, I wera a Nurse-Mate shoe--the Angel.
    It feels the bestl; for an athletic shoe, I found K-Swiss to give me the least problem.
    I can't wear heels anymore. Flats are OK, but sometimes, they want to slip off.

    Since my feet have become so bad, I started to use a cane when not at work. Since I can't really feel my feet it helps my stability.

    I don't know if any of this helps or not, since we seem to be opposite!!
  5. by   Ariesbsn
    Mary Ann,

    That doesn't sound stupid. I have times when my feet get painfully cold. They are so cold that the bones ache. While putting something warm on them helps, holding them helps more. I would guess that the pressure of the shoe interrupts the cold message. It is weird, sometimes, my feet feel painfully cold to me, but if I touch them with my hands, they are actually hot.

    I wear New Balance shoes. Nursemates are too small.
  6. by   nursetim
    I'm in the same boat. I've started wearing smartwool socks and love them. They are expensive but worth it, and the padding helps with the bumps in crocs.
  7. by   nurturing_angel
    I have diabetic neuropathy in my feet and I absolutely MUST have my shoes and socks on all day. Like others here, my feet get so cold that they hurt terribly until I put my shoes on. I wear athletic shoes cause nursing shoes do not help me at all. Does anyone here have a problem with their feet feeling very tired after wearing shoes all day and looking forward to taking them off but then realizing that you have to put them right back on? I do this and it is miserable.

  8. by   Ariesbsn
    Ok, here is a thought or 2 for the cold feet, but need shoes problem.

    What about a pair of knee-high support stockings, a pair of warmed tube socks, and then a pair of warmed insulated socks that you find in the hunting area of k-mart? They also have battery operated, heated socks which might be an option when you are awake.

    Do you need the shoes for insulation?

    What about the slippers that look like ankle high boots? You could combine those with several pairs of socks.

    Or, there are the slippers that look like clogs. Those would combine with socks too.
  9. by   shoes
    I do, Try European Sole, they have got shoes that "Breath" there amazing! Some of them have semipermuable membranes in the shoes with like holes in that lets out water and heat but nothing get in! MINT!