so where do u get your scrubs from....

  1. Do u buy your scrubs at a store or online? What are your favorite scrub sites and stores? Do u like solids, or prints? For myself I buy them at work n gearor uniform tafford, a1 I wear all sorts of scrub colors esp the printed tops. What about u.... just curious!
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  3. by   GoodNurse09
    I buy mine online at they are cheap and very affordable I paid only $14.75 for a set and then I bought a set of White Swan scrubs for for 29.00 bucks plus shipping but still a set of White Swan usually cost me $40 dollars plus shipping and tax so I can't complain I saving over $10 bucks plus this place sells neat accessories.
  4. by   caliotter3
    I used to get mine online from Uniform Express and Jasco. Jasco was taken over by Allheart so I don't order from them anymore and Uniform Express no longer offers their own line and I don't like the patterns of the prints that they do offer. I now get mine from Uniform Advantage. Sometimes I will go to the Life Uniform store in the mall when I want to spend a lot of money (he, he).
  5. by   fuzzywuzzy
    I go to a local store. They're expensive, but I prefer to buy local over going online. This store also has really nice stuff. And there's the obvious benefit of being able to try stuff on instead of guessing on the sizes. Also, you can match colors in person instead of getting something online that you think is the right shade, and then when it's delivered you discover that it's not what it looked like on the screen.

    The only drawback is that everyone you work with wears the same stuff because they all shop there too!
  6. by   JessieC777
    I just ordered a bunch of stuff from I like their selection. They not only have their own brand, but tons of others as well. Will let you know once I get my order
  7. by   NeoNurseTX
    I try on in store and then usually order from or uniform connection.
  8. by   kimiij
    I get mine from Blue Sky Scrubs. They are high quality scrubs- extremely soft and well-made. They are kind a price - $20 for the simple scrubs and $30 for the original scrubs. Price is for a top or a bottom.
  9. by   mzjennx
    I use to buy mines from Jasco. I currently like the prices with Lydia Uniforms and UA uniforms.
  10. by   sharon123
    I just received mine from great pricing and fast service.
  11. by   sharon123
    I get mine from they have great prices and ship really fast and they have greys anatomy scrubs which are really soft.
  12. by   juliewoo
    I bought my first pair from Lydia's Uniforms. They had reasonable prices and were one of the only recommended places on this board that had the scrubs I wanted in the color I needed. I got them pretty fast, too. The only thing I didn't like was them bombarding my email box with advertisements about 30 seconds after I placed the order. Had to send them all to my spam folder!