1. What kind of shoe do you find best?
    What works best with your scrubs?
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  3. by   LocoStrange
    I dont have a lot of mileage with my scrubs and shoes but I tend to stick with They have slip resistant shoes and, from my experience, they have always had comfortable shoes. And since I knew I would be on my feet, I also got some Dr. Scolls padding too and they are very comfy.

    The biggest problem for me was that I was required to get shoes that was 95% white shoes which is hard to find, IMO.
  4. by   emtb2rn
    I'm now wearing Dansko Professionals. Very comfortable over 12 hours, no break-in required, stay on when running down the hall and easy to clean leather. I like clogs/slides. No laces to get dirty and slide 'em on/slide 'em off.,Profes...apled%20Clog,1
  5. by   Sarah Hay
  6. by   Bicster
    Nike Shox. Z-Coil, and Dansko. Depends on my mood. Also, get the best insole you can afford. I was custom fit for one and it makes all the difference.
  7. by   Doubledee
    I like my Crocs-specialist or whatever they call them. They have the solid tops. I have come to hate shoe laces.
  8. by   nimchimpskii
    Quote from Doubledee
    I have come to hate shoe laces.
  9. by   KXMc65
    Anyone know if there is much difference between the Dansko Professional and Merrell Encore Moc Pro? Much difference between the Dansko type and a Nike Shox or other 'sneaker' type shoe? Is it just personal preference? Also, how much height does the Z-Coil shoe add? (Looks like a bit...) I'm already 6'5", and don't need to be even scarier. Getting ready to start RN program end of August, glad to have found this site, and appreciate any advice.
  10. by   HOBrien
    How would ya'll interpret the following statement on the shoes we will be required to wear for Nursing School?

    "White nursing shoes or white sport shoes must be worn. No emblems (or minimal
    emblems) should be on the shoes."
  11. by   ghillbert
    Well, that sounds pretty self-explanatory. White, plain shoes.
  12. by   HOBrien
    That is what I thought as well but just wasnt sure as to what they mean as minimal emblems. So would just the logo of the brand of shoe be ok?????? That is where I was not 100% sure on.
  13. by   ghillbert
    Minimal = not big. They do not want big coloured swooshes all over the shoe, for example. It should be quite clear if you look at pics of shoes which ones have "minimal" logos/branding.

    Go to, you can search athletic shoes, then white, then "nursing" and get several with minimal branding, like this:
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  14. by   PacoUSA
    Have seen male nurses wearing Nike Shox with their scrubs, looks sharp and they are also comfy (of course, comfy can be relative since everyone has different feet needs).
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