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where does everyone buy there scrubs? i bought a couple pairs of the dickie cargos but im having trouble finding them again...... Read More

  1. by   GunslingerOy
    I have seen guys wear all kinds of scrubs, there is a guy I wokr with that has alot of the "female type" prints as well. Most guys I see though wear the solid colors. I myself have had a favorite pair of scrubs for 4 years!!, but they still look good and I hate buying new clothes. There is now place here in OK that I know of that provides scrubs at work, except when you work in OR. Other than that you provide your own.
  2. by   SuesquatchRN
    Heh. I'm a woman and I can't wear unisex either - big rear, small waist. Unisex srubs give me gigundor excess fabric around the drawstring.

    Norseguy, I can't imagine wearing the same scrubs twice! Ick! Gross! Poopy and snot and yuck on them! Feh! I wash and iron them myself - I don't buy that "permanent press" business.
  3. by   krisb
    I hate to wear the same scrubs one day after the other. I only like prints.I found a company that has a great variety of pretty prints. perfect
  4. by   meandragonbrett
    Check out Or if there is a particular brand you want, go to that website and find out who your local dealers are. Also, scrub shops can order just about any style# that is made, even if they don't carry it in stock.
  5. by   GIJay
    I am also 6'5" and weigh 285. I buy my scrubs at Nothing fancy, one shirt pocket and a pocket for my wallet. The 2xlt fit well and are made of a heavy material. 28.00/set

    Quote from t88h supra
    I'm 6'5" and thin. All scrubs seem to be way to short or they think tall=fat too. Even the "tall" scrubs are too short. Anybody know any good scrubs for tall people.