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Scissors are a common item used by nurses. We carry them in our pockets and use them frequently. My question is: What exactly do you use them for?... Read More

  1. by   prmenrs
    Hey, guys, coleen's new here--only 19 posts--and we're jumpin' all over her re: "practice charting"? deep breaths, relax, calm another sip of wine, iced tea, diet coke, whatever...

    I don't use bandage scissors anymore, I use the sharp/blunt Mayo scissors that are "disposable"; I use an ID band to hook them onto a pair of 'stats. Takes them longer to vanish. Still go thru several a year, but they're free, and I know where to find more.

    Sometimes I use them as screwdrivers to open the case of the bili lights so I can replace the bulb. I NEVER, EVER use them to cut tape from an armboard so I can d/c an IV--for a premie, that's inviting an unintentional amputation. Try explaining THAT to the parents! or the risk management committee.

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  2. by   Nursemelo
    in school (1st year) we practice our charting before we actually put it in a patients chart. and our instructor reads it first and if she thinks it dosn't sound right we make changes untill it does. and with only one patient per day i could right if over 10 times ....i think i'm going to miss first year....
  3. by   Jenny P
    I still have the giant pair of bandage scissors that my kid brother gave me when i graduated from nursing school back in 1969! They are bigger than anyone else's and NO ONE wants them! I use them strictly for pt. related tasks- cutting tape, the ends of ID bands off, popping the rubber corks out of glass NTG bottles, etc.

    And I agree with Prmenrs re: Coleen's being new here; I checked her profile and everything.

    I work with a few nurses who could really do some practice charting--between lousy spelling and typing skills, some of their notes leave one totally confused (and we do computerized charting too!).

    BTW, congrats Prmenrs! What will you be doing once you "retire?"
  4. by   RNforLongTime
    Yes, Congratulations prmenrs on your pending retirement! Ya done a good job, I'm sure. Are your coworkers having a retirement party for you?

    I figure that maybe in about 35 years I can retire when I'm 65. If I can still walk by then.

    Enjoy your retirement!

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  5. by   prmenrs
    I've only planned to the end of the summer. My son and I are driving across country. I imagine I'll be broke enough eventually and need to find a shift or 2 /week--but not till after the holidays--I'll be dam*ed if I'm working another Christmas!!