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Hey, Does anyone here wear some sort of pack around their waist to keep things organized? I was thinking about either ordering:... Read More

  1. by   abundantjoy07
    Fanny Pack.

  2. by   thinkpinkz
    i was juss looking for a fanny pack and im glad i came on here to check bc that large fanny pack will hold all my stuff!!!!
    super excited!
  3. by   snuggler
    A runners belt might be a good compromise for people who don't want something too bulky. It stretches so you can fit a good bit in there (nothing too big though). GO BELT-The Original No Bounce Runners Belt, Runners
  4. by   SenoritaM
    I just got the nurse pro pak (large). I looooove it!! It keeps my stuff well organized and I don't loose stuff.
  5. by   csiyaoe
    Nomadic AP-03 Moving Option Waist Bags

    This web site has really nice hip bags!
  6. by   K+MgSO4 - Pick Pocket Nurses Belt less bulky than a bum bag
  7. by   wtrang
    Hey everyone,

    I'm a first year nursing student and I JUST finished my first clinical and I have to say that the nurse that impressed me the most was the one with the fanny pack.

    She was SO prepared. Flushes and alcohol pads are what I noticed she used the most. She had tape, she had a dry erase marker and a permanent marker to label everything; honestly, if I wasn't so selfconscious about what I wore, then I would have one too haha.

    I noticed that older nurses use these things, but I think the equivalent for younger people would be those storage clipboards. I saw nurses with those as well during clinicals.
  8. by   meeshelz
    Hi Everyone! I'm a nursing assistant (& just started nursing school) & I actually started using the plain white waitress apron (when I first volunteered at a hospital-- helped out a lot with supply replenishment in the Emergency Dept). Although people would ask me, "Can I have a double double & fries with that?" I found it quite amusing. Many smiled at me but many have also commented that it was a smart idea. I've upgraded & purchased another waitress apron with design (shorter but still with the 3-pockets) & many people have commented me positively on it, saying it's "cute" & "very smart." I also have the small Prestige (the one you can put a few alcohol pads, pens but honestly, it's doesn't do the trick-- still very small for all that I need to bring).

    I'm only 4'9 so I can't load my scrub pockets, otherwise I'll look like an overstuffed football. My nurses have asked me, "Do you have tape?" and I say, "Which one? Because I have both." Even as a CNA, it helps me put supplies I need when rushing into a patient room. I want to buy the good kind but still waiting for the time to spend more money. Whatever you use, it helps people be efficient! I hate when I don't have my mini notebook, dry erase marker, permanent market, chart pen, pen light, alcohol pads, highlighter, etc etc so even if it did make me look like a waitress, I honestly don't care because it's about rapid efficiency!
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  9. by   BelleNscrubs04
    I wonder if a small, flat cross-body bag might work well for those of us who are more fashion conscious? What do think? Has anyone ever tried using one of these?
  10. by   IndyElmer
    Quote from bigsyis
    Do you remember the word "fomite" from Nursing School? Unless you laundered it every day, that carry all would be just that. Just load your lab jacket pockets up, and keep doing the laundry! Soon you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for when you put your hand in your pocket-just by the feel! Left hand pocket for one type of t hings, right hand pocket for the rest.
    It doesn't seem like it's possible to sanitize everything that one might carry in their pockets either (e.g. small reference books, extra alcohol wipes packets and so on) so that even though you wear fresh scrubs every day, the things you carry on your person could still become fomites. (This comment is just based on what I've heard from others regarding the kinds of things they carry in their pockets vs. nursing bag as I haven't started clinicals yet. Quite a few people have mentioned carrying items that I just don't think they'd be able to sanitize at the end of their shift.) I guess you'd have to assign the can't-be-sanitized items to certain scrubs pockets and make sure to NEVER touch them without cleaning your hands first and so on.