How do I straighten my tubing??

  1. I curl my scope when I'm not using it and when I go to put it around my neck or use it, it won't hang straight. How do I get it straightened out?

    Do I have to take the tubing off the metal frame and put them back on? Will a cover keep it hanging straight? I also don't like the scope directly on my neck for a long period of time. Might make a cover

    by the way, I have one of the heavier models. I think it's a Welsh Lynn, or Sprague. Would love to get a Littman Cariology II .

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  3. by   mcknis
    Doesn't matter if you have a small scope or a larger heavier scope, no matter what they will stiffen up over time. It is caused d/t the oil from our bodies when we hang it around our necks. I have found that my tubing typically goes about 3-4yrs and some less before it is really stiff. From what i have seen, the majority of nurses with heavier scopes/spragues can typically get a longer time out of their tubing compared to others who had thinner/smaller tubing. It can help to have a cover over the tubing or keep it cleaned with soap and water, but once it is stiff or cracking, nothing can really be done.
  4. by   shannonFNP
    I've noticed using alcohol on it seems to shorten the tubing life. Especially when you get out of a really nasty room and grab the disinfectant wipes (you know those ones that you can get cancer from if you don't wear gloves?)
  5. by   Pedi-Gree
    I think I just answered this question on another thread! As one of the other posters said, once the tubing starts to stiffen it's too late. But you can keep your new tubing (yes, you can buy just the tubing - Google the manufacturer) from stiffening by using tire dressing on it. Yeah, the kind your BF or DH or brother uses on the tires of his beloved '69 Camaro. After you've cleaned it, rub in a little tire dressing then after a few minutes buff off the excess. Smells a little of petroleum products but it sure works.