Good nursing shoes for low arches (a.k.a. "flat feet")

  1. Any suggestions?
    They also need to come in W width (wide).
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  3. by   Sarah010101
    I have these AMAZING shoes called Nurse Mates, and i LOVE them... i too have very flat feet from wearing DC skate shoes throughout highschool and during my entire first year of nursing school. then i realized how i literally have no arch anymore. So i bit the bullet and i bought these amazing shoes. i will never wear anything else
  4. by   Coffee Nurse
    Flat and wide? Sounds like my feet. I've worn Danskos for a year and a half; they're a little heavy, but I don't do as much walking as most nurses (I work in a NICU with a pod layout) and they fit fine. I just had to get used to the clog-like feel of them at first. I like the look of them, too.
  5. by   ohgoodnessgracious
    ALLEGRIA SHOES!!! I have flat feet and I love my pair of Allegrias. I used Danskos for a while too but they were much too heavy for me and the sizes always ran too small so it'd take some time to break them in. With my Allegrias, they were perfect from the beginning and very lightweight. I can run in them for emergencies and I've never felt my legs/feet aching so far, as I used to when I wore Danskos. They're priced just about the same. The only drawback with Allegrias is the material is not as thick as Danskos so if your feet get wet, you'll feel it! I went to a shoe store and bought this solution to make them water-proof. I sprayed the solution on them, let them air-dry for a day and they were good to go
  6. by   anonymurse
    I have horrendously flat feet. The real problem is pronation, where the feet roll onto the inside edges and the weight of the body doesn't come down in an straight line through the leg into the area centered on the foot. New Balance makes the 927 especially for pronators. The technology is beyond me, but the results are immediately obvious. I have been wearing these shoes (and the preceding 925 and 926 models) at work for 5 years, buying a new pair every 6 months or so. The women's model is WW927 and the men's is MW927. They cost $105 shipped free from in white or black, velcro or lace-up.
  7. by   RPN_2012
    Thanks guys!
  8. by   nursein2012
    I have a low arch too and I wear NurseMates and love them!
  9. by   yousoldtheworld
    BIRKENSTOCKS, preferably with the soft footbed. They are the only thing my mom can wear with her low arches without pain.
  10. by   calidonrnstudent
    Quote from SarahUFVsn
    i too have very flat feet from wearing DC skate shoes throughout highschool
    I have the same problem, I have worn nothing but DC shoes since my freshmen year in high school (about 6 years) and I still wear them. I never had much of an arch to begin with so that's why I have always worn them and they are the most comfortable thing to me. They are a very roomy shoe and very cushy. I normal wear wide to, but with these shoes you don't need wide because they are made larger.
  11. by   Cherish
    New Balance, Saucony's or KSwiss. I have had flat feet since I was born and I have wide feet so these are the three brands I stick too. I actually have molded foot insoles that my Podiatrist made it took about 4 weeks but they are hand made and molded to the actual shape of your feet. It takes about 2 months to get used to them though and the first 2 weeks they hurt until your feet gets accustomed to them but now I don't wear running shoes unless they're in them.

    I used to wear Vans all the time in high school, sk8ter shoes rock!
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  12. by   SingDanceRunLife
    I have flat feet too...but they're narrow. Any suggestions for that?
  13. by   bevpdx
    I have very flat wide feet and bunions. Often I would come home from hours on my feet in so much pain I could not sleep. Recently discovered Drew shoes. They are amazing!! I have thick custom made orthotics but with Drew I only need my orthotics when on my feet for six hours or more. Drew comes with two removable inserts that give me all the support and comfort I need. I have worn the Flair and the Flash. The Flair seems to be more narrow especially in the toe. I have to order it in the WW wide. (They also have a WWW wide) The Flash W I can wear all day right out of the box. They are not the most attractive shoes, and they are expensive, but I am willing to give up my lattes and pad thai to end the foot pain.